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KIDNEY TRANSPLANT MANAGEMENT‚ A guide to evaluation and comorbidities

KIDNEY TRANSPLANT MANAGEMENT- A guide to evaluation and comorbidities-9783030001315
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This concise book provides an overview of the essential aspects of transplant nephrology. Chapters cover patient evaluation, treatment options, complications and post kidney transplant approaches to various common chronic diseases. The importance of proper immunosuppressants adjustment to improve the graft half-life and overall patient quality of life are also highlighted. Up to date and practical, this book gives nephrologists and providers that treat kidney transplant patients a succinct resource on management.

1. Introduction to Kidney Transplantation
2. End Stage Renal Disease - Treatment Options: Dialysis Versus Transplant
3. Pre-kidney Transplant Evaluation
4. Kidney Transplant-Immunosuppression and Rejection
5. Post Kidney Transplant Immediate Complications: Delayed Graft Function and Wound
6. Post Kidney Transplant: Cardiovascular Complications
7. Post Kidney Transplant: Infectious Complication
8. Post Kidney Transplant: Malignancies
9. Post Kidney Transplant: Hypertension
10. Diabetes in Kidney Transplant Recipients
11. Post Kidney Transplant: Obesity
12. Post Kidney Transplant: Hematological Complications
13. Post Kidney Transplant: Bone Mineral Disease
14. Transplant and Pregnancy

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