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K TAPING‚ An illustrated guide: basics‚ techniques‚ indications

K TAPING- An illustrated guide: basics- techniques- indications-9783662435724
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Birgit Kumbrink""s bestselling guide to K-Taping - now available in its 2nd edition! This richly illustrated hands-on guidebook features a highly successful therapeutic approach to treating orthopedic, traumatological, and many other conditions has now been extended to include 20 additional application techniques for the fields of neurology and gynecology (including pre- and post-natal).

This practical guide provides all the background information physiotherapists, sports physiotherapists, medical doctors, occupational therapists and health care professionals need. It serves both as a perfect companion to training courses and as a reference book and refresher and shows how to use the specially developed elastic K-Tape most effectively.

A brief introduction to the basic principles of K-Taping, the special elastic tapes used and the method""s history is followed by 9 chapters highlighting treatment techniques and their application to nearly 70 frequently seen conditions. Each is featured on a double page with up to five color photos, brief instruction, practical information about symptoms, dosage, progress to be expected and tips regarding variations of techniques. As the benefits of K-Taping in enhancing the effects of other conservative care and surgical treatments are getting more and more appreciated, Birgit Kumbrink""s "K-Taping - An Illustrated Guide", developed by Germany based K-Taping Academy, has rapidly established itself as the ultimate reference book for therapists and clinicians in an ever expanding range of medical disciplines.

1. The K-Taping Method
2. The Four Application Techniques
3. Muscle Applications
4. Ligament Applications
5. Corrective Applications
6. Applications for Specific Indications
7. Lymphatic Applications
8. Neurological Applications
9. Gynecological

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