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INTRODUCTION TO VASCULAR BIOLOGY‚ From Basic Scienc-Clinical Practice

INTRODUCTION TO VASCULAR BIOLOGY- From Basic Scienc-Clinical Practice-9780521796521
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Vascular biology is an exciting and rapidly advancing area of medical research, with many new and emerging pathophysiological links to an increasing number of diseases. This updated and expanded new edition takes full account of these developments and conveys the basic science underlying a wide range of clinical conditions including atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes, and pregnancy. As with the first edition, the publication provides an introductory account of vascular biology before leading on to explain mechanisms involved in disease processes. Other emerging topics include the role of nitric oxide and apoptosis in vascular biology. The breadth and range of subjects covered in this new edition do full justice to this increasingly important area of clinical research and medicine. This multidisciplinary approach will suit the needs of all those seeking to refresh their knowledge with the very latest advances from basic science through to clinical practice.

Part I. Basic Science:
1. Control of vascular smooth muscle contractility A. Hughes
2. Vascular compliance Phillip Chowienczyk
3. Flow-mediated responses L. Poston
4. Neurohumoral regulation of vascular tone Kirsty M. McCulloch and J. C. McGrath
5. Angiogenesis A. Halliday
6. Apoptosis M. Bennett
7. Wound healing N. L. Occleston and P. T. Khaw

Part II. Pathophysiology: Mechanisms and Imaging:
8. Genetics of cardiovascular disease M. J. Caulfield
9. The endothelium in disease B. J. Hunt and J. M. Jurd
10. Nitric oxide Patrick Vallance
11. Imaging the vasculature Alan Moody

Part III. Clinical Practice:
12.Vascular biology in hypertension M. Schachter
13. Atherosclerosis Peter Weissberg
14. Aneurysms Janet Powell
15. The vasculature in diabetes John Tooke
16. The vasculitides Caroline Savage
17. Pulmonary hypertension T. Higgenbottam
18. The endothelium in transplantation M. Rose
19.The vasculature in pregnancy L. Poston

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