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A complete overview of the profession and the practice of occupational therapy, Introduction to Occupational Therapy, 4th Edition prepares you for the roles, responsibilities, and relationships of the OT practitioner. This edition incorporates the latest revisions of the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework, which defines the OT process and areas of concern. Discussions also include treatment settings, occupational therapy across the lifespan, and evaluation, intervention, and outcomes within the OT process. Written by OT expert Jane Clifford O""Brien, this edition also keeps you current with emerging topics such as working with culturally diverse patients, evidence-based practice, and new practice areas such as driving and obesity.

Key Features:
- Coverage of different OT practice areas (e.g., adult, geriatric, pediatric, and mental health) prepares you for the variety of clients you will encounter in clinical practice.
- An emphasis on evidence-based practice helps you think logically and use the literature to form a basis for diagnoses and treatment plans.
- Case studies and activities in each chapter promote problem-solving skills and demonstrate concepts.
- The OT Practice Framework and reimbursement mechanisms are addressed in terms of the occupational therapy process, providing a sound basis for decision making.
- A broad perspective on OT practice fits the needs of both occupational therapy and occupational therapy assistant students.
- Chapter objectives, key terms, chapter summaries, and review questions highlight important content in each chapter.
- A companion Evolve website includes video clips, review questions with answers, crossword puzzles, and additional case studies.

New to This Edition:
- NEW! The latest revisions to the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework are incorporated throughout the book, keeping you current with today""s OT theories and practice.
- NEW cultural content prepares you to meet the needs of diverse clients.
- NEW discussions of the Centennial Vision provide a "big picture" view of occupational therapy and its changes as the profession reaches the age of 100.

Section 1: Occupational Therapy: The Profession
1. Introductory Questions
2. Looking Back: A History of Occupational Therapy
3. Philosophical Principles and Values in Occupational Therapy
4. Current Issues and Emerging Practice Areas

Section 2: Occupational Therapy: The Practitioner
5. From Student to Practitioner: Educational Preparation and Certification
6. Professional Organizations
7. The Occupational Therapy Practitioner: Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships
8. Practicing Legally and Ethically

Section 3: The Practice of Occupational Therapy
9. Occupational Therapy Practice Framework: Domain and Process
10. Occupational Therapy Across the Lifespan
11. Treatment Settings and Areas of Practice
12. Occupational Therapy Process: Evaluation, Intervention, and Outcomes
13. Service Management Functions
14. Models of Practice and Frames of Reference
15. Intervention Modalities
16. Therapeutic Relationships
17. Clinical Reasoning

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