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The new book from the author of the original classic text Hurst""s the Heart!

This innovative reference supplies a system for interpreting individual electrocardiograms (EKGs) based on fundamental principles of electrocardiography and vector concepts, rather than relying on a physician""s ability to recollect the shapes and patterns of a multitude of tracings.

- Enabling physicians to make a differential diagnosis, Interpreting Electrocardiograms
- Establishes a scientific method by representing spatially oriented vectors that can be visualized and measured
- Considers the heart""s electrical forces, zero potential plane, and transitional pathway
- Outlines the location and anatomic features of the heart chambers and conduction system
- Discusses the use of Einthoven""s bipolar extremity leads, Bayley""s triaxial system, Wilson""s unipolar chest leads, and Goldberger""s unipolar extremity leads to determine the spatial orientation of electrical forces
- Includes examples of normal EKGs
- Discusses preexcitation, postexcitation, and Osborn, epsilon, and Brugada waves
- Covers left and right ventricle hypertrophy due to diastolic and systolic pressure overload, myocardial infarction, ventricular conduction abnormalities, pericarditis, digitalis effect, and electrolyte disturbances

Providing a step-by-step method for interpreting EKGs using basic principles and vector concepts, Interpreting Electrocardiograms is a groundbreaking reference for cardiologists, internists, family and primary care physicians, and medical school students in these disciplines.

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