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Imaging is a critical component in the delivery of radiotherapy to patients with malignancy, and this book teaches the principles and practice of imaging specific to radiotherapy.

Introductory chapters outline the basic principles of the available imaging modalities including x-rays, CT, ultrasound, MRI, nuclear medicine, and PET. Site specific chapters then cover the main tumour sites, reviewing optimal imaging techniques for diagnosis, staging, radiotherapy planning, and follow-up for each site. The important areas of radiation protection, exposure justification, and risks are also covered, exploring issues such as balancing radiation exposure with long-term risks of radiation effects, such as second cancer induction.

This second edition has been fully revised and updated to reflect current techniques, and includes two brand new chapters on imaging for radiotherapy treatment verification, and the role of specialist MRI techniques and functional imaging for radiotherapy planning. With insights from experts in each field and over 200 illustrations, this comprehensive and easy-to-read guide will be an invaluable resource for radiation oncologists, clinical oncologists, and radiotherapists, both qualified and in training.

Radiotherapy remains the major non-surgical treatment modality for the management of malignant disease. It is based on the application of the principles of applied physics, radiobiology, and tumour biology to clinical practice. Each volume in the series takes the reader through the basic principles of the use of ionizing radiation and then develops this by individual sites. This series of practical handbooks is aimed at physicians both training and practising in radiotherapy, as well as medical physics, dosimetrists, radiographers, and senior nurses.

1:Introduction, Peter Hoskin and Vicky Goh
2:Principles of imaging, Connie Yip, N. Jane Taylor, Anthony Chambers, and Vicky Goh
3:MRI and functional imaging in radiotherapy planning, delivery, and treatment, Thankamma Ajithkumar, Heok Cheow, and Peter Hoskin
4:Breast, Dinos Geropantas and Victoria Ames
5:Lung and thorax, Pooja Jain, Katy Clarke, and Michael Darby
6:Lymphoma, Peter Hoskin, Heok Cheow, and Thankamma Ajithkumar
7:Oesophageal tumours, Kieran Foley, Carys Morgan, and Tom Crosby
8:Gastric tumours, Nicholas Carroll and Elizabeth C. Smyth
9:Hepatic and biliary tumours, Marika Reinius, Edmund Godfrey, and Bristi Basu
10:Pancreatic tumours, Thankamma Ajithkumar and David Bowden
11:Gastrointestinal stromal tumours, Haesun Choi
12:Rectal cancer, Vivek Misra and Rohit Kochhar
13:Anal cancer, Rebecca Muirhead and Vicky Goh
14:Urological cancers, Ananya Choudhury and Peter Hoskin
15:Gynaecological cancers, Kate Lankester and Lavanya Vitta
16:Head and neck cancers, Gill Barnett and Tilak Das
17:Central nervous system, Sara C. Erridge, Gerard Thompson, and David Summers
18:Soft tissue sarcomas, Gail Horan, Emma-Louise Gerety, Sarah Prewett, and Morag Brothwell
19:Endocrine tumours, Luigi Aloj
20:Primary Bone Sarcomas, Gulshad Begum, Sarah Prewett, Gail Horan, and Emma-Louise Gerety
21:Paediatrics, Mark Gaze, Monique Shahid, Paul Humphries, and Francesca Peters
22:Imaging for common complications, Helen Addley, Katy Hickman, and Thankamma Ajithkumar
23:Imaging for treatment verifications, June Dean
24:Radiation protection issues when imaging patients for radiotherapy, Simon Thomas

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