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This state-of-the-art review provides an in-depth and critical summary of homocysteine from its molecular basis to clinical relevance and current clinical trials of folic acid and vitamin B6. Written by leading workers in the field, the book provides an authoritative, comprehensive and thoroughly up-to-date overview for scientists and clinicians and any others engaged in the field. It will also be useful to anyone involved in managing vascular patients or cardiac risk factors, as well as biochemists, pharmacologists, general physicians, cardiologists and clinical and basic researchers with an interest in preventive medicine.

1. Introduction I. Graham, K. Robinson.
2. Historical Aspects of the Relationship Between Homocysteine and Vascular Disease D.E.L. Wilcken.
3. Biochemistry and Metabolism D.W. Jacobsen.
4. Reference Ranges for Homocysteine Concentrations J.B. Ubbink, R. Delport.
5. Determinants of Plasma Homocysteine P.M. Ueland, et al.
6. Epidemiology of Homocysteine Levels and Relation to Vitamins P.W.F. Wilson, P.F. Jacques.
7. Vascular Pathology of Hyperhomocysteinemia K.S. McCully.
8. Vascular Complications of Homocystinuria: Incidence, Clinical Pattern and Treatment P. Rubba, et al.
9. Homocysteine as a Risk Factor for Peripheral Vascular Disease A.M. Abou-Zamzam, Jr., et al.
10. Homocysteine as a Risk Factor for Cerebrovascular Disease and Stroke I.J. Perry.
11. Homocysteine as a Risk Factor for Coronary Artery Disease P.B. Duell, M.R. Malinow.
12. Homocysteine and Family History of Coronary Artery Disease J. Genest, Jr.
13. Homocysteine as a Risk Factor for Cardiovascular Disease in Women P. Verhoef.
14. Homocysteine and Venous Thrombosis M. den Heijer.
15. Homocysteine and Renal Disease K. Robinson, V.W. Dennis.
16. Molecular Biology of Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR): Interrelationships with Folic Acid, Homocysteine and Vascular Disease R. Rozen.
17. Molecular Biology of Methionine Synthase: Interrelationships with Homocysteine and Vascular Disease R. Banerjee.
18. Molecular Biology of Cystathionine &bgr -Synthase: Interrelationships with Homocysteine, Pyridoxine, and Vascular Disease W.D. Kruger, B. Fowler.
19. Homocysteine and Cholesterol: Basic and Clinical Interactions H.J. Blom.
20. Homocysteine and Coagulation Factors: Basic Interactions and Clinical Studies R. Green.
21. Homocysteine and Endothelial Dysfunction R.T. Eberhardt, J. Loscalzo.
22. The Treatment of High Homocysteine Concentrations in Homocystinuria: Biochemical Control in Patients and their Vascular Outcome G.H.J. Boers, et al.
23. An Overview of the Homocysteine Lowering Clinical Trials R. Clarke.
24. Summary and Future Directions for Epidemiological, Preventive and Basic Research S.P. Fortmann, et al.

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