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HOMICIDE‚ A Forensic Psychology Casebook

HOMICIDE- A Forensic Psychology Casebook-9781498731522
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Forensic psychology plays an increasingly important role in criminal investigations and legal decision-making. Homicide: A Forensic Psychology Casebook guides readers through the practical aspects of homicide cases across the entire criminal justice system, from the investigative process to the criminal trial process, and beyond. Each chapter contains a description and analysis of selected cases and offenders, and provides a crime narrative and offender narrative to illustrate the underlying theory and practical considerations of homicide investigations. Criminal justice students and practitioners alike will benefit from the comprehensive scope of this text.

In order to ensure fair and efficient criminal justice practices in the field of forensic investigation, there is still a need for conformity and standardization of sound protocols and approaches based on improved knowledge and education. This book is part of that effort to understand homicidal behavior and offenders better in order to prevent similar crimes.

- Presents information based upon sound protocols and improved knowledge.
- Provides Information that ensures fair and reasonable criminal justice processes.
- Uses a unique in concept and scope as it addresses forensic psychology and homicide across the entire criminal justice process
- Contains a case study in each chapter covering criminological and psychological theory, investigative and behavioral analysis, early indentification and prevention, prosecution and defense and future risk and recidivism, rehabilitation and reintegration and policy issues

Typical Homicides.
Disgruntled and Revenge Killers.
Domestic Homicides.
Reactive Aggressive Offenders.
Sexual and Paraphilic Homicides.
Rape Slayers.
Sexual Sadistic Offenders.
Necrophilic Offenders.
Belief-Oriented Homicides.
Cult Killers.
Ideological and Mission-Oriented Offenders.
Occult Killers.
Special Offender Populations.
Psychopathic and Antisocial Offenders.
Psychotic Killers.
Battered Women Murderers.
Adolescent Offenders.
Mentally Impaired Offenders.

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