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The definitive haematology textbook of choice for medical students

Hoffbrand""s Essential Haematology has built a reputation as the flagship haematology textbook for both students and junior doctors, providing an authoritative introduction to the subject.

Now in its 7th edition, this classic text provides up-to-date knowledge of the pathogenesis, clinical and laboratory features, treatment of blood and bone marrow disorders, in its concise and user-friendly style.

Hoffbrand""s Essential Haematology outlines the basic principles of clinical and laboratory haematology and shows how manifestations of blood diseases can be explained by new knowledge of the disease processes. It is an indispensable resource for students and trainees and an essential read for all specialists who are interested in updating their knowledge.

Hoffbrand""s Essential Haematology:
- Provides up-to-date knowledge of the pathogenesis, clinical and laboratory features and treatment of all blood disorders
- Features detailed information on the new genetics of leukaemia and lymphoma
- Includes a new chapter on thrombosis, focussing on the new oral anticoagulants
- Is beautifully presented, with over 300 colour illustrations
- Comprehensively covers both theory and treatment regimes
- Includes a companion website at featuring all the figures and tables from the book, and over 300 interactive multiple choice questions.

Preface to the Seventh Edition VI
Preface to the First Edition VII
How to use your textbook VIII
About the companion website X
1 Haemopoiesis
2 Erythropoiesis and general aspects of anaemia
3 Hypochromic anaemias
4 Iron overload
5 Megaloblastic anaemias and other macrocytic anaemias
6 Haemolytic anaemias
7 Genetic disorders of haemoglobin
8 The white cells 1: granulocytes, monocytes and their benign disorders
9 The white cells 2: lymphocytes and their benign disorders
10 The spleen
11 The aetiology and genetics of haematological malignancies
12 Management of haematological malignancy
13 Acute myeloid leukaemia
14 Chronic myeloid leukaemia
15 Myeloproliferative disease
16 Myelodysplasia
17 Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia
18 The chronic lymphoid leukaemias
19 Hodgkin lymphoma
20 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
21 Multiple myeloma and related disorders
22 Aplastic anaemia and bone marrow failure
23 Stem cell transplantation
24 Platelets, blood coagulation and haemostasis
25 Bleeding disorders caused by vascular and platelet abnormalities
26 Coagulation disorders
27 Thrombosis 1: pathogenesis and diagnosis
28 Thombosis 2: treatment
29 Haematological changes in systemic disease
30 Blood transfusion
31 Pregnancy and neonatal haematology
Appendix: World Health Organization classification of tumours of the haematopoietic and lymphoid tissues

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