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HISTAMINE‚ Biology and Medical Aspects

HISTAMINE- Biology and Medical Aspects-9783805577151
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Histamine, discovered in 1910 by the British physiologist Sir Henry H. Dale, has become one of the most important biogenic amines in medicine and biology. In addition to the three well-known functions such as the contraction of smooth muscles, the increase in vascular permeability, and the stimulation of gastric acid secretion, histamine has been known to play various roles in neurotransmission, immunomodulation, the regulation of cell proliferation, etc.
This book provides a comprehensive overview of histamine biology including structure, anabolic and catabolic enzymes, receptors and their ligands. It outlines the details of histamine physiology such as its role in the immune response, nutrition and neuro/psychobiology, and covers medical fields like allergy, gastroenterology, oncology, sepsis, posttraumatic stress, embryonic development and hematopoiesis. Also considered is the structural and functional genomics of histamine.

Presenting the most recent advances in histamine research from basic science to clinical medicine, this book is a valuable source for students, graduates and postgraduates in medicine and the life sciences, and to anyone interested in this multifaceted molecule.

1. Histamine Biology
2. Enzymes in Histamine Metabolism
3. Histamine Receptors
4. Histamine in the Immune System
5. Histamine in the Gastrointestinal System
6. Histamine in Cell Proliferation and Differentiation
7. Histamine in the Nervous System
8. Other Medical Aspects of Histamine
9. Conclusion

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