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Handbook of Autopsy Practice, Fourth Edition is a testament to the continued evolution of autopsy pathology. In this updated and expanded new edition, the editors cover technological advancements and discuss skills that are necessary in order to perform the most efficient autopsy possible. These skills include efficient and safe dissection techniques, appropriate handling of unexpected findings, meticulous written and photographic documentation, accurate interpretation of findings and finally, timely, compassionate and professional communication with families, physicians and legal counsel.
Handbook of Autopsy Practice, Fourth Edition is divided into three parts. Part I contains six new chapters in which the reader will find an assortment of tools that will increase the value of the autopsy. Included in the section are valuable resources and tools such as a sample next-of-kin letter, a quality assurance worksheet, new discourse on the dissection procedure which is accompanied by a worksheet and template for the gross description. There is also a new, detailed discussion of the safe handling of sharps, complete with photographs and the reader will also find the updated requirements of the Eye Bank of America and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for ocular tissue transplantation. Part II has been updated with new diseases and recent references added. Practicing autopsy pathologists, residents and students are invited to review this alphabetical listing of disorders before each autopsy in order to re-acquaint themselves with what they might encounter. Part III provides a series of tables providing organ weights and body measurements for fetuses, children and adults. Handbook of Autopsy Practice Fourth Edition is an essential resource for clinicians, pathologists, residents and students who strive to hone their trade and increase the value of the autopsies they perform.
Part I: Autopsy Techniques and Procedures
Ensuring Quality in the Academic Hospital Autopsy
Brenda L. Waters
Principles of Dissection
Brenda L. Waters
The Cardiovascular System
William D. Edwards and Dylan V. Miller
The Nervous System
Caterina Giannini and Haruo Okazaki
The Eye and Adnexa
R. Jean Campbell and Cheryl R. Hann
The Autopsy Laboratory
Brenda L. Waters
Autopsy Microbiology
Brenda L. Waters
Autopsy Chemistry
Vernard I. Adams
Chromosome Analysis on Autopsy Tissue
Gordon W. Dewald
Postmortem Imaging Techniques
Jurgen Ludwig
Autopsies Involving Radioactive Material
Kelly L. Classic
The Hospital Autopsy Report, Death Certification
Brenda L. Waters
Medicolegal Autopsy and Postmortem Toxicology
Vernard I. Adams
Legal Aspects of Autopsy Practice
Vernard I. Adams
Fixation and Shipping of Autopsy Material
Brenda L. Waters
Museum Techniques
Brenda L. Waters
Part II: Alphabetic Listing of Diseases and Conditions
Jurgen Ludwig with Vernard I. Adams (Medicolegal and Toxicologic disorders)
William D. Edwards (Cardiovascular System)
Caterina Giannini (Neuropathologic disorders)
Brenda L. Waters (Pediatric and Infectious disorders)
Part III: Normal Weights and Measurements
Hagen Blaszyk, Brenda L. Waters

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