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GLOBAL RHINOPLASTY‚ A multicultural approach

GLOBAL RHINOPLASTY- A multicultural approach-9781626238916
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A unique ethnocentric guide to rhinoplasty anatomy and techniques from globally renowned experts

In order for a facial plastic surgeon to create a harmonious relationship between the face and nose, it""s paramount to consider each patient""s ethnicity and gender identity. Nasal anatomy varies widely in terms of proportion, thickness, size, and resilience and many of these differences are specific to ethnicity. Although rhinoplasty has been available for many decades, applying Caucasian rhinoplasty guidelines to Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Black, and Asian patients increases the risk of adverse outcomes and the need for multiple or revision surgeries. Global Rhinoplasty: A Multicultural Approach edited by world-renowned facial plastic surgeons Ashkan Ghavami, Sam P. Most, and Nazim Cerkes fills a gap in the literature, providing in-depth coverage of non-Caucasian nasal anatomy and rhinoplasty approaches for each subtype.

The textbook includes 39 chapters and is organized in five sections: Principles, Anatomical Considerations, Primary Rhinoplasty, Secondary Rhinoplasty, and Special Considerations. Seventeen chapters cover anatomical and surgical techniques specific to the skin and soft tissue, dorsum, nasal tip, and nostrils for each ethnic group. Each of the 16 rhinoplasty chapters features expert commentary from the editors. The text concludes with discussion of preservation rhinoplasty, the use of fillers for nonsurgical and revision surgeries, evaluating psychosocial factors in patients seeking rhinoplasty surgery, and the role of marketing and social media in global practice. Throughout the book, authors share firsthand insights on potential pitfalls and strategies to prevent complications.

Key Highlights:
- Contributions and clinical pearls from globally recognized experts
- In-depth analysis of ethnic variations in skin and nose anatomy and its impact on outcomes
- Primary, secondary, and nonsurgical rhinoplasty videos provide invaluable visual guidance
- High-quality case study operative photos and illustrations enhance understanding of anatomy, approaches, and outcomes

This must-have resource will help facial plastic surgeons significantly improve pre-surgical, surgical, and postoperative phases of rhinoplasty in Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Black, and Asian patients.

Part I: Principles
1. Introduction to Importance of Global/Multicultural Consideration
2. Comparative Anatomical/Functional Considerations of Various Ethnic Groups
Part II: Anatomical Considerations Skin and Soft Tissues
3. Overview of Skincare in Rhinoplasty
4. Hispanic Skin and Soft Tissue
5. Middle Eastern Skin and Soft Tissue in Rhinoplasty
6. Black/African-American Skin and Soft Tissue
7. Asian Skin and Soft Tissue Dorsum
8. Hispanic Dorsum
9. Middle Eastern Dorsum
10. Black/African-American Dorsum
11. Asian Dorsum Nasal Tip
12. Hispanic Nasal Tip
13. Middle Eastern Nasal Tip
14. Black/African-American Nasal Tip
15. Asian Nasal Tip Nostrils
16. Hispanic Nostrils
17. Middle Eastern Nostrils
18. Black/African-American Nostrils
19. Asian Nostrils
Part III: Primary Rhinoplasty
20. Hispanic Primary Rhinoplasty (Personal Approach)
21. Hispanic Primary Rhinoplasty (Expert Commentary)
22. Middle Eastern Primary Rhinoplasty (Personal Approach)
23. Middle Eastern Primary Rhinoplasty (Expert Commentary)
24. African Primary Rhinoplasty (Personal Approach)
25. African Primary Rhinoplasty (Expert Commentary)
26. Asian Primary Rhinoplasty (Personal Approach)
27. Asian Primary Rhinoplasty (Expert Commentary)
Part IV: Secondary Rhinoplasty
28. Hispanic Secondary Rhinoplasty (Personal Approach)
29. Hispanic Secondary Rhinoplasty (Expert Commentary)
30. Middle Eastern Secondary Rhinoplasty (Personal Approach)
31. Middle Eastern Secondary Rhinoplasty (Expert Commentary)
32. African Secondary Rhinoplasty (Personal Approach)
33. African Secondary Rhinoplasty (Expert Commentary)
34. Asian Secondary Rhinoplasty (Personal Approach)
35. Asian Secondary Rhinoplasty (Expert Commentary)
Part V: Special Considerations
36. Preservation Rhinoplasty for the Non-Caucasian Nose
37. Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty and Revisions with Fillers
38. Should You Perform the Rhinoplasty?
39. Global Practice: Marketing and Social Media

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