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FORENSIC PODIATRY: Principles and Methods

FORENSIC PODIATRY: Principles and Methods-9781482235135
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Forensic Podiatry: Principles and Methods, Second Edition has been completely updated to reflect the latest developments and advancements in this changing field. New additions to the book, from the previous edition, include all new chapters on the expert witness, Frye Test, and Daubert Standard, as well as revised theories on gait analysis, bare footprint identification, and footwear examination. The new edition includes extensive case studies and an international compilation of current best practices.

Since this text""s first publication, the field of forensic podiatry has rapidly developed from relative obscurity to a dynamic, internationally recognized discipline. Forensic podiatrists have been able to advance improvements in the field, both in widening the range of applications and deepening the practice through improved techniques to strengthen evidentiary conclusions.

Written by two pioneers in the field, Forensic Podiatry includes over one hundred detailed illustrations to serve as an invaluable resource for students, practicing forensic podiatrists, legal professionals and those new to the profession.

- Features forensic podiatry case studies from the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States
- All new chapters on the expert witness, the Frye Test, and Daubert Standard with revised theories on gait analysis, bare footprint identification, and footwear examination
- Includes "Standards in Forensic Podiatry" covering standards of forensic practice that podiatrists working in the field need to be aware of
- Updates the competency testing process for the field

Part 1: General Forensic Concerns
Chapter One: The Crime Scene and Crime Laboratory
Chapter Two: Human Identification, General Principles and Definitions Relevant to Forensic Podiatry Practice
Part 2: Podiatric Forensic Concerns
Chapter Three: Digital Photographic Techniques
Chapter Four: Bare Footprint Identification
Chapter Five: Footwear Examination and Analysis
Chapter Six: Forensic Gait Analysis
Chapter Seven: Identification from Podiatry Records
Part 3: Medical Legal Concerns
Chapter Eight: Expert Witness, Report Writing, Criminal Justice System, Courtroom Testimony and Expert""s Conclusions
Chapter Nine: Standards of Practice, Governance, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP""s)
Chapter Ten: Frye Test and Daubert Standard
Part IV: Case Readings
Chapter Eleven: Case Readings in Forensic Podiatry

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