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Offering a practical, clinically focused approach to the use of the three-dimensional exoscope in the field of otolaryngology-head and neck surgery, Exoscope Assisted Surgery in Otorhinolaryngology is an up-to-date, expert guide to the optimal use of this new technology. Written by surgeons with extensive experience in this fast-changing area, this title is an excellent resource for otolaryngologists and oral and maxillofacial surgeons who need a better understanding of the advantages of exoscope technology and its use in various surgical procedures.

Key Features:
- Synthesizes current evidence-based literature and personal experience regarding the use of exoscopes in otolaryngology-head and neck surgery.
- Offers a practical approach focused on clinical decision making.
- Explains exoscopic technology and offers helpful comparisons between the exoscope and microscope in various surgeries.
- Covers microlaryngeal surgery, laser-assisted endoscopic laryngeal surgery, ear surgery, lateral skull base surgery, exoscope assisted dacryocystorhinostomy, free flap harvesting, and much more.
- Consolidates today""s available information on this timely topic into a single, convenient resource.

1. Exoscopic technology explained. Description in details of technological principles and potential clinical applications of exoscopes
2. Exoscope vs Microscope in first-time users. Description of experiments performed in the clinical lab by students with the aim of comparing microscope and exoscope in first-time users
3. Pre Clinical application of exoscopes in microlaryngeal surgery using the ARTip cruise system. Experiments performed in a dry lab to test micro laryngeal surgery using the exoscope and a new robotic arm
4. The Exoscope in Microlaryngeal surgery. Results on case series
5. Laser assisted endoscopic Laryngeal surgery. Clinical results of laryngeal surgery performed using the Co2 laser and Exoscope technology
6. Exoscope-assisted oral and oropharyngeal surgery. Transoral surgery application of exoscopes
7. The exoscope in substitution of the microscope in ear surgery. Exoscope application in the commonest ear surgery procedures
8. Lateral skull base surgery using the exoscope. Exoscope clinical experiences in lateral skull base surgery
9. Exoscope and Microscope in Ear Surgery. Exploring advantages and disadvantages of exoscopes compared to microscopes
10. Exoscope assisted dacryocystorhinostomy. How exoscope can integrate and facilitate endoscopic dacryocystorhinolstomy
11. Exoscope application in free flap harvesting. Exoscope as a teaching tool in free flap surgery.
The exoscope in substitution of the microscope in microvascular anastomosis for head and neck reconstruction.

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