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DIGITAL SURGERY-9783030490997
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This book provides a trove of insightful perspectives on the current state and the realization of digital surgery. Digital surgery entails the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning toward automation in robotic-assisted surgery. More generally, the objective is to digitally define the patient, the surgical field, and the surgical problem or task at hand to operate based on information, rather than based on anatomic planes alone. But digital surgery has shapeshifted into other, equally intriguing faces - many of which are exemplified by topics throughout this book. Digital surgery is fundamental to 3D-printed organs, mind-controlled limbs, image-guided navigation, and tele-mentoring.

It is the key that unlocks the metaphorical doorway to surgical access, thereby creating a global framework for surgical training, education, planning, and much more. This text provides methods of measurement and perception outside of the human umwelt - including the ability to visualize fields beyond the visible light spectrum, via near infrared fluorescent organic dyes which are rapidly being bioengineered to target specific tumors, as well as native anatomic structures of interest. Written by experts in the field, Digital Surgery is designed to help surgeons operate with an enriched understanding of an individual""s specific attributes: including the human phenome, physiome, microbiome, genome, and epigenome. It also aids surgeons in harnessing the power and fluidity of the cloud, which is emerging as a significant resource for surgeons both regionally and globally.

1. The Cognitive Revolution
2. The Vision of Digital Surgery
3. Artificial Intelligence for Next-Generation Medical Robotics
4. Cloud Computing for Robotics and Surgery
5. Quantum Theory and Computing for Surgeons
6. 5G Networks, Haptic Codecs, and the Operating Theatre
7. Haptics and Vision Systems for Surgical Robots
8. Digital and 3D Printed Models for Surgical Planning
9. Realistic Organ Models for Simulation and Training
10. The Challenge of Augmented Reality in Surgery
11. Navigation and Image-Guided Surgery
12. Operating in the Near-Infrared Spectrum
13. Fluorescence-Guided Resections: A Binary Approach to Surgery
14. A Virtual Reality for the Digital Surgeon
15. Robotic Automation for Surgery
16. 3D Bioprinting
17. Augmented Reality for Interventional Procedures
18. The Visible Patient: Augmented Reality in the Operating Theater
19. Augmented Cognition in the Operating Room
20. Cooperative and Miniature Robotics: Potential Applications in Surgery
21. Human-Machine Integration and the Evolution of Neuroprostheses
22. Nonlinear Robotics in Surgery
23. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Implications for Surgery
24. AI and Endoscopy: Future Perspectives
25. Explainable AI for the Operating Theater
26. A Digital Doorway to Global Surgery
27. Telementoring for Minimally Invasive Surgery
28. Digital Medical School: New Paradigms for Tomorrow""s Surgical Education
29. 3D Simulation and Modeling for Surgeon Education and Patient Engagement
30. Next-Generation Surgical Robots
31. Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision
32. The Future of Surgery

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