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DIALYSIS ACCESS CASES‚ Practical solutions to clinical challenges

DIALYSIS ACCESS CASES- Practical solutions to clinical challenges-9783319574981
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Moving beyond the science of hemodialysis access, this collection of clinical cases covers procedural and practical aspects of arteriovenous fistula, arteriovenous graft, dialysis catheter, draining veins, central veins, arterial interventions and hand ischemia. World experts in the disciplines of interventional nephrology, interventional radiology and surgery offer creative visions of their practice and provide insights on topics from routine access creation to advanced novel techniques. Dialysis Access Cases presents solutions to problems encountered in practice while capturing the art of this medical discipline and challenging procedure.

Part I Arteriovenous Fistula
1. Arteriovenous Graft-Arteriovenous Fistula Conversion
2. Proximal Forearm Arteriovenous Fistula Creation
3. Fistula with Stenosis of Feeding Artery
4. Juxta-anastomotic Stenosis of Brachial-Cephalic Fistula
5. Fistula with Diffuse Venous Stenosis
6. Balloon-Guidewire Entrapment
7. Angioplasty of Juxta-anastomotic Stenosis with Venous Rupture
8. Treatment of Accessory Vein with Embolization Coil
9. Using a Snare to Extract Misplaced Coil
10. Basilic Vein Transposition
11. Balloon-Assisted Banding for High-Output Heart Failure
12. Ruptured Angioplasty Balloon
13. Arteriovenous Fistula Percutaneous Flow Reduction: Balloon-Assisted Banding
14. Hemodynamic Monitoring of Arteriovenous Fistulagram
15. Arterial Embolus
Part II Arteriovenous Graft
16. Exotic Arteriovenous Graft Creation
17. Accessory Brachial Artery Feeding Arteriovenous Graft
18. Swollen Arm with Suspected Arteriovenous Graft Infection
19. Arteriovenous Graft Thrombosed for 3 Years
20. Arteriovenous Graft Inflow Stenosis
21. Arteriovenous Graft Peri-anastomotic Outflow Stenosis
22. Arteriovenous Graft with Traumatic Fistula
23. Pseudoaneurysm Treated with Stent Graft
24. Superior Vena Caval Stenosis
25. Thrombosed Infected Graft
26. Arteriovenous Thigh Graft Cannulated from Contralateral Side
Part III Dialysis Catheter
27. Central Vein Stenosis with Angioplasty Prior to Catheter Placement
28. Catheter Placement in a Stenotic Central Vein
29. Catheter Placement in a Collateral Vein
30. Catheter Placement in the External Jugular Vein
31. Tunneled Femoral Hemodialysis Catheter Placement
32. Transhepatic Catheter Placement
33. Anterior Jugular Vein Tunneled Dialysis Catheter
34. Transatrial Internal Jugular Dialysis Catheter in Inferior Vena Cava
35. Internal Jugular Catheter Insertion with No Vein Apparent on Ultrasound
36. Wiring the Tunnel to Replace a Tunneled Dialysis Catheter
37. Internal Jugular Vein Catheter Inserted Through Side of Stent
38. Pneumothorax Occurring with Dialysis Catheter Insertion
39. Perforation of Superior Vena Cava with Dialysis Catheter Insertion
Part IV Draining Veins
40. Grade II Extravasation Complicating Venous Angioplasty
41. Grade III Venous Rupture
42. Parallel Guidewire Angioplasty
43. Cephalic Vein Outflow Relocation
44. Venous Hypertension of Hand Associated with Arteriovenous Fistula
45. Grade I Extravasation
Part V Central Veins
46. Compensated Central Vein Occlusion
47. Central Vein Stenosis Accessed from Femoral Vein
48. Patient with Intractable Pain in Arteriovenous Graft
Part VI Arterial Interventions
49. Directional Atherectomy for Arteriovenous Access Dysfunction
50. Excimer Laser Atherectomy
51. Focal Arterial Lesion of the Upper Extremity
52. Brachial Artery Stenosis
Part VII Hand Ischemia
53. True Steal Syndrome
54. Dialysis Access Steal Syndrome (DASS) in a Patient with Distal Revascularization and Interval Ligation (DRIL)
55. Dialysis Access Steal Syndrome Following Percutaneous Transluminal Angioplasty in a Radial-Cephalic Fistula
56. Ischemic Monomelic Neuropathy

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