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DIABETIC RENAL-RETINAL SYNDROME‚ Pathogenesis and Management Update 02

DIABETIC RENAL-RETINAL SYNDROME- Pathogenesis and Management Update 02-9781402007965
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Fresh insights into the pathogenic mechanisms by which hyperglycemia induces tissue and organ injurt are the basis for rapidly evolving promising therapies in diabetes. Especially promising as targets for intervention are products of oxidative stress, including kinins and growth factors. Improving results of renal replacement regimes now incorporating pancreatic islet transplants are able to delay and prevent end-organ damage in diabetic individuals. The evolving story of the taming of diabetes is of direct concern to nephrologists, endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, primary care physicians and medical students.

1. Effect of Aminoguanidine on Induced-diabetic Rabbits and Diabetic Patients with ESRD C.D. Brown, et al.
2. Impact of Nutrition in Uremic Diabetics M.M. Avram.
3. New Insights into the Molecular Mechanisms of Vascular Permeability in Diabetes D.A. Antonetti, et al.
4. Apoptosis and Neurdegeneration in Diabetes: Lessons From the Retina A.J. Barber, et al.
5. Diabetic Macular Edema F.L. Ferris III.
6. Diabetic Vitrectomy Update S.T. Charles.
7. Medical Approaches to Preventing Vision Loss from Diabetic Retinopathy R.I. Klein, B.E.K. Klein.
8. Ocular Findings at Onset of Uremia D.H. Berman.
9. Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy: Current Treatment Strategies for Progression J.A. Sheindlin.
10. Microalbuminuria in Perspectives C.E. Mogensen.
11. Which Comes First: Renal Injury or Microalbuminuria? S.M. Mauer, et al.
12. Prevention, Diagnosis and Management of Heart Disease in Patients with Renal Failure L.T. Clark, O. Abe.
13. Reducing Mortality for Diabetes Patients on Hemodialysis Y. Worerdekal.
14. Long-Term Perspective on Utility of Peritoneal Dialysis in Diabetes P.S. Passadakis, D.G. Oreopoulos.
15. Complications of Post-transplant Diabetes M.S. Markell.
16. Prevalent US Transplant Center Policies Towards Pancreas Transplantation for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus A.L. Friedman, E.A. Friedman.
17. Pancreas Transplantation: Does It Have a Future? J.S. Najarian.
18. Novel Applications for Recombinant Human Erythropoietin A. Cerami, et al.
19. Lessons Learned Since the Last Renal-Retinal Conference E.A. Friedman.

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