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DENTITION IN CHILDHOOD‚ Orthodontic & Panoramic Radiology

DENTITION IN CHILDHOOD-  Orthodontic & Panoramic Radiology-9780723409519
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This fully illustrated Atlas aims to facilitate the interpretation of panoramic x-rays of the developing dentition. It demonstrates the effects of various positions of the facial skull and dentition, as well as detailed study of normal anatomical structures and their normal variations. A sequential method for analyzing panoramic x-rays is presented. The various development phases of teeth and jaw are demonstrated, whilst abnormalities of the dentition, jaws and orofacial tissues, as seen in panoramic x-rays, are shown with examples. The Atlas is designed to help the reader evaluate the developing dentition and make a diagnosis - it will therefore be of interest to dentists, paedodontists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, radiologists, ENT specialists and students.

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