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Biometrics in dermatology is an essential tool where data evaluation results in valid interpretations. This book will be the first in this area. One part of the book will describe principal aspects of dermatological research focussing on practical advice. A special part will cover applied biometrics to provide the clinician and researcher with state-of-the-art guidelines to assess the severity of common skin diseases. An additional aspect that will be of interest to pharmacologists addresses pharmacologic assays.

I: Basic Concepts.
1. The Case Control Study, C. Kennedy, H.J. Heacock J.K. Rivers. 2. Principles for the Conduct of Non-Drug Clinical Studies G.J. Schmitt. 3. Questionnaire Design in Skin Disease Epidemiology P. Susitaival.
II: Non Invasive Evaluation of Skin Properties.
4. Scale Development for Clinical Assessment G.J. Schmitt. 5. Evaluation of Cosmetics by Sensory Assessment P. Busch, T. Gassenmeier. 6. Cutaneous Bioengineering D. Iliev, et al.
III: Skin Diseases and Therapy.
7. Atopic Dermatitis A. Taïeb, J.F. Stalder. 8. A Review of the Use of Essential Fatty Acid Supplementation in Atopic Dermatitis with Emphasis on the Methodology of Trial Design J. Berth-Jones, R. Graham-Brown. 9. Severity Scoring of Atopic Dermatitis A.B. Sprikkelman, W.M. van Aalderen. 10. A Metric for Acneiform Eruptions of the Face J. Wilkins. 11.Towards a New Psoriasis Severity Scoring Using Bioengineering Techniques D.A. Schwindt, H.I. Maibach. 12. Epidemic of Melanoma: How real is it? T.-Y. Chuang. 13. Prognostic Models in Melanoma R. Natarajan, M.A. Weinstock. 14. Photoaging W. Cunningham. 15. Measurement in Scleroderma Clinical Trials J. Pope. 16. Quantification of Wound Healing L. Bolton. 17. Design of Clinical Trials to Evaluate Antimycotic Agents in the Treatment of Dermatophyte Infections B. Abrams. 18. Sites of Contact Dermatitis in Relationship to Particular Allergens: A Follow-up Study, B. Edman. 19. Evaluating Surveillance Systems in Contact Dermatitis A. Schnuch. 20. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: Water Soluble Irritant Contact Dermatitis Model C.H. Lee. 21. Quarternium-18 Bentonite in Prevention of Allergic Contact Dermatitis R. Rietschel. 22. Personal Cleansers: Irriation and Moisturization K. Ertel.
IV: Pharmacologic Assays.
23. Small Plaque Assay A. Lauerma. 24. The Application of the Minolta Chromameter to the Assessment of Corticosteroid-Induced Skin Blanching R.B. Walker, et al. 25. Assaying for Bioavailability in Acne A.H. Mills, et al. 26. In vitrol In Vivo Correlations E. Beyssac, et al.
V: Pharmacoeconomics.
27. Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research R. Rajagopalan. 28. The Cost of Atopic Eczema to the Society &endash An International Perspective R. Rajagopalan. 29. Collecting Health-Related Quality of Life Information in Patients with Cutaneous Biometrics R.T. Anderson, R. Rajagopalan.

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