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Current Techniques in Small Animal Surgery, Fifth Edition provides current information regarding surgical techniques from the perspective of clinicians who are performing specific procedures on a regular basis. It is intended to be concise, well illustrated, and reflective of the writer""s experience, both good and bad. The emphasis with this volume is technique. The pathophysiologic priniciples and applications are covered in the companion volume, Mechanisms of Disease in Small Animal Surgery, Third Edition. These two books are regarded by most practitioners and students as being a two-volume set.

- Serves as a practical compendium of all major small animal surgical techniques
- Features over 1,500 black-and-white line drawings and clinical halftones depicting specific techniques in all body regions
- Includes over 50 detailed algorithms designed to guide the student or practitioner in effective decision making
- Contains chapters authored by expert clinicians with long experience performing individual techniques
- Covers the techniques for which the pathophysiologic background is presented in the companion volume, Mechanisms of Disease in Small Animal Surgery, Third Edition

Section A. Surgical Principles
Chapter 1: Selection and Use of Currently Available Suture Materials and Needles
Chapter 2: Bandaging and Drainage Techniques
Chapter 3: Electrosurgery and Laser Surgery
Chapter 4: Oncologic Surgery
Chapter 5: Tumor Biopsy Principles and Techniques
Chapter 6: Supplemental Oxygen Delivery and Feeding Tube Techniques
Chapter 7: Minimally Invasive Surgery
Chapter 8: Microvascular Surgical Instrumentation and Application
Chapter 9: Pain Management in the Small Animal Patiens

Section B. Nervous System and Organs of Special Sense
Chapter 10: Nervous System
Chapter 11: Muscle Biopsy
Chapter 12: Eye
Chapter 13: Ear

Section C. Digestive System
Chapter 14: Oral cavity
Chapter 15: Pharynx
Chapter 16: Salivary Glands
Chapter 17: Esophagus
Chapter 18: Exploratory Ceiliotomy
Chapter 19: Stomach
Chapter 20: Intestines
Chapter 21: Liver, Biliary System, Pancreas
Chapter 22: Diaphragm
Chapter 23: Peritoneum and Abdominal Wall

Section D. Respiratory System
Chapter 24: Nasal Cavity
Chapter 25: Larynx
Chapter 26: Trachea
Chapter 27: Lung and Thoracic Cavity
Chapter 28: Thoracic Wall

Section E. Urogenital System
Chapter 29: Kidney and Ureter
Chapter 30: Urinary Bladder
Chapter 31: Urethra
Chapter 32: Prostate
Chapter 33: Uterus
Chapter 34: Vagina and Vulva
Chapter 35: Testicles
Chapter 36: Penis and Prepuce

Section F. Endocrine System
Chapter 37: Endocrine System

Section G. Hernias
Chapter 38: Hernias

Section H. Integument
Chapter 39: Onychectomy
Chapter 40: Mastectomy Techniques
Chapter 41: Skin Grafting and Reconstruction Techniques

Section I. Cardiovascular and Lymphatic
Chapter 42: Heart and Great Vessels
Chapter 43: Lymphatics and Lymph Nodes
Chapter 44: Spleen

Section J. Exotic Species
Chapter 45: Surgical Techniques in Small Exotic Animals

Section K. Axial Skeleton
Chapter 46: Skull and Mandible
Chapter 47: Cervical Spine
Chapter 48: Thoracolumbar and Sacral Spine

Section L. Fracture Fixation Techniques and Bone Grafting
Chapter 49: Fixation with Pins and Wires
Chapter 50: Fixation with Screws and Bone Plates
Chapter 51: Plate-Rod Fixation
Chapter 52: External Skeletal Fixation
Chapter 53: Bone Grafts and Implants

Section M. Appendicular Skeleton - Thoracic Limb
Chapter 54: Scapula and Shoulder Joint
Chapter 55: Humerus and Elbow Joint
Chapter 56: Radius and Ulna
Chapter 57: Carpus, Metacarpus, and Phalanges
Chapter 58: Amputation of the Forelimb

Section N. Appendicular Skeleton - Pelvic Limb
Chapter 59: Sacroiliac Joint, Pelvis, and Hip Joint
Chapter 60: Femur and Stifle Joint
Chapter 61: Tibia and Tarsus

Section O. Orthopedic Bandaging and Splinting Techniques
Chapter 62: Commonly Used Bandages and Slings
Chapter 63: Commonly Used Splinting and Casting techniques

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