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This book provides a comprehensive guide to delivering analgesia and sedation to critically ill patients for professionals and caregivers being involved in the management of these patients. It discusses and explains in detail the advantages and limitations of each drug and device using clear flowcharts, diagrams and tables.

Furthermore, it explores the new drugs and - above all - new sedation delivery systems, particularly those for administering volatile anesthetics on ICUs. This book is a valuable and practical resource for anesthesists, intensivists and emergency physicians interested in sedation.

1. Critical Care Sedation: The Concept
2. The Stress Response of Critical Illness: Which Is the Role of Sedation?
3. Pain Management in Critically Ill Patient
4. Common Practice and Guidelines for Sedation in Critically Ill Patients
5. The Subjective and Objective Monitoring of Sedation
6. Intravenous Sedatives and Analgesics
7. Volatile Anesthetics for Intensive Care Unit Sedation
8. Regional Anaesthesia Techniques for Pain Control in Critically Ill Patients
9. Neuromuscular Blocking Agents
10. Sedation and Hemodynamics
11. Sedation and the Immune System
12. Sleep in the ICU
13. Delirium in the Critically Ill Patients
14. Sedation in Pediatric Critically Ill Patients
15. Sedation in Cardiac Surgery Intensive Care Unit

Professor De Gaudio is the director of the School of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation at the Careggi University Hospital in Florence, and vice-director of the Department of Critical Care Medicine at the University of Florence. He also teaches and co-ordinates several courses on pain management and therapy, and is member of various societies (the Anesthesiology Section of Society of Critical Care, Società Italiana di Terapia Intensiva) and sits on the Editorial Board of Current Anaesthesia and Critical Care. Furthermore he is the Italian Representative at the World Federation of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine Societies and acts as a reviewer for Critical Care Medicine and the American Journal of Cardiology.

Dr. Romagnoli is an anesthesiologist and intensivist at the Department of Oncology - Section of Anesthesiology and Critical Care at the Careggi University Hospital in Florence. His main interests are anesthesia and intensive care in adult cardiac surgery, vascular surgery and thoracic surgery he is an expert in hemodynamic monitoring and management (from pulmonary artery catheters to minimally invasive tools and echocardiography), as well as cardiogenic and hypovolemic distributive shock states. He is the author of a number of papers published in international, peer-reviewed, indexed journals including Anesthesia & Analgesia, Critical Care, the Journal of Critical Care, the Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Anesthesia, the International Journal of Cardiology, Pediatric Anaesthesia, Pediatric Critical Care Medicine.

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