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COSMETIC MICROBIOLOGY‚ A practical approach

COSMETIC MICROBIOLOGY- A practical approach-9781138732919
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This updated edition provides research scientists, microbiologists, process engineers, and plant managers with an authoritative resource on basic microbiology, manufacturing hygiene, and product preservation. It offers a contemporary global perspective on the dynamics affecting the industry, including concerns about preservatives, natural ingredients, small manufacturing, resistant microbes, and susceptible populations. Professional researchers in the cosmetic as well as the pharmaceutical industry will find this an indispensable textbook for in-house training that improves the delivery of information essential to the development and manufacturing of safe high-quality products.

Philip A Geis is a native Texan who earned bachelor and doctor of philosophy degrees in microbiology from the University of Texas. His career in microbiology began in the US Army that awarded Phil the Army Medal of Commendation for establishing clinical microbiological capability for its 45th Field Hospital. Phil subsequently worked in commercial media production and joined The Proctor & Gamble Company (P&G) following graduation.

Through three decades with P&G, Phil managed global preservative and disinfectant development, studies of household and skin microbial ecologies and hygienic manufacturing. He was the first recipient of P&G""s namesake award - Dr. Philip Geis Microbiology Quality Award. While at P&G, he also carried responsibilities for state and federal regulatory compliance and policy matters as well as formulation and product development for which he is co-inventor for a number of domestic and international products. Phil published, lectured and represented P&G""s technical interests on subjects of applied microbiology and environmental policy and edited the most recent Cosmetic Microbiology: A Practical Handbook. He also served as trustee of the Ohio Academy of Science and chaired its Science Policy Committee.

In 2011, Phil retired from P&G, establishing Geis Microbiological Services in affiliation with Advanced Testing Laboratory. His domestic and international clients range from the French Ministry of Culture to Dow 30 multinational cosmetic and household product companies. He currently serves as editor for International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation jounral and instructor for the University of Florida Microbiology and Cell Science department.

Dr. Geis brings unique global expertise and experience in diverse regulatory, manufacturing, product quality and consumer realities for a broad range of products from OTC drugs to fabric softeners to dog food to cultural properties.

1. Basic Microbiology
2. Preservatives and Preservation
3. Natural Preservatives
4. Multifunctional Ingredients
5. Preservative Resistance
6. Antimicrobial Preservative Efficacy and Microbial Content Testing
7. Rapid Methods in Cosmetic Microbiology
8. Prevention of Microbial Contamination during Manufacturing
9. Microbial Monitoring of a Manufacturing Facility
10. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Protocols in Cosmetic Microbiology
11. Manufacturing Microbiology - A View of the Future
12. Consumer Safety Considerations of Cosmetic Preservation
13. Global Regulation of Preservatives and Cosmetic Preservatives

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