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COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY‚ Products and procedures

COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY- Products and procedures-9781119676836
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In the Third Edition of Cosmetic Dermatology: Products and Procedures, accomplished dermatologist Dr. Zoe Diana Draelos delivers the latest information on procedural innovations in the rapidly developing field of cosmetic dermatology. This new edition is structured to follow the typical patient""s cosmetic routing, from everyday moisturizing to adornment and anti-aging techniques. It includes summary boxes at the start of each section to allow for quick reference in a clinical setting, over 300 full-color images illustrate procedures, and demonstrates the benefits of cosmetic products and techniques.

Cosmetic Dermatology combines the expertise of leaders in research, industry, surgery, and practice to introduce cutting edge concepts and outline the best techniques in the cosmetic field.. It addresses appearance issues affecting the skin, hair, and nails. The new edition offers a complete cosmetic regimen for the patients of any cosmetic dermatologist, whether hospital-based or in private practice.

It also provides:
- A thorough introduction to basic concepts in dermatology, including skin physiology pertinent to cosmetic dermatology and the delivery of cosmetic actives
- A comprehensive exploration of skin hygiene products, including cleansers, moisturizers, and personal care products
- Practical discussions of adornments, including colored facial cosmetics, eye cosmetics, camouflaging products, nail cosmetics, and hair cosmetics
- In-depth examinations of anti-aging products and procedures, including cosmeceuticals, injectable anti-aging techniques, resurfacing techniques, and skin modulation techniques

Cosmetic Dermatology is perfect for practicing and academic dermatologists, trainee dermatologists, dermatology nurses, and skin care industry researchers It will also earn a place in the libraries of gynecologists, medical aestheticians, family practitioners, and plastic surgeons.

Part I: Basic Concepts
Section 1 Skin Physiology Pertinent to Cosmetic Dermatology
1 Epidermal Barrier
2 Photoaging
3 Pigmentation and Skin of Color
4 The Somatosensory System and Sensitive Skin
5 Novel, Compelling, Non-invasive Techniques for Evaluating Cosmetic Products
6 Contact Dermatitis and Topical Agents
Section 2 Delivery of Cosmetic Skin Actives
7 Percutaneous Delivery of Cosmetic Actives to the Skin
8 Creams and Ointments
Part II: Hygiene Products
Section 1 Cleansers
9 Bar Cleansers
10 Personal Cleansers: Body Washes
11 Facial Cleansers and Cleansing Cloths
12 Hand Cleansers and Sanitizers
13 "Shampoos for Normal Scalp Hygiene and Dandruff"
Section 2 Personal Care Products
14 Understanding the 4 Key Elements of Skin Moisturization
15 Facial Moisturizers
16 Hand and Foot Moisturizers
17 Sunless Tanning Products
18 Sunscreens
Section 4 Personal Care Products
19 Antiperspirants and Deodorants
20 Blade Shaving
Part III: Adornment
Section 1 Colored Facial Cosmetics
21 Facial Foundation
22 Camouflage Techniques
23 Lips and Lipsticks
24 Eye Cosmetics
Section 2 Nail Cosmetics
25 Nail Physiology and Grooming
26 Colored Nail Cosmetics and Hardeners
27 Cosmetic Prostheses as Artificial Nail Enhancements
Section 3 Hair Cosmetics
28 Hair Physiology and Grooming
29 Hair Dyes
30 Permanent Hair Waving
31 Hair Straightening
32 Hair Styling: Technology and Formulations
Part IV: Anti-aging
Section 1 Cosmeceuticals
33 Botanicals
34 Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatories
35 Peptides and Proteins
36 Cellular Growth Factors and Exosomes
37 Topical Cosmeceutical Retinoids
38 Topical Vitamins
39 Clinical Uses of Hydroxyacids
40 The Contribution of Dietary Nutrients and Supplements to Skin Health
Section 2 Injectable Anti-aging Techniques
41 Botulinum Toxins
42 Hyaluronic Acid Fillers
43 Calcium Hydroxylapatite for Soft Tissue Augmentation (Updated version)
44 Autologous Skin Fillers
45 Polylactic Acid Fillers
Section 3 Resurfacing Techniques
46 Superficial Chemical Peels
47 Medium Depth Chemical Peels
48 Ablative Laser Resurfacing: Confluent and Fractionated
49 Nonablative Lasers
50 Dermabrasion
51 Skin Exposome
52 Radiofrequency Microneedling in Cosmetic Dermatology
53 The Growing Role for Platelet Rich Plasma in Cosmetic Dermatology
54 Skin Microbiome: General Overview and Application Perspectives
Section 4 Personal Care Products
55 International Nomenclature Chemical Ingredient Dictionary and Handbook: Back-Label Ingredient Statement
Section 5 Implementation of Cosmetic Dermatology into Therapeutics
56 Antiaging Regimens
57 Over-the-counter Acne Treatments
58 Rosacea Regimens
59 Eczema Regimens
60 Psoriasis Regimens

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