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CORONARY LESIONS‚ A Pragmatic Approach

CORONARY LESIONS- A Pragmatic Approach-9781853179365
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The interventional cardiologist has to tackle a diverse and complex range of coronary lesions. For this reason, the experts who compiled this volume contribute the best practices for overcoming plaque and thrombus in the coronary arteries. From simple to complicated anatomy, the direct approach to achieving optimal results is clearly described and illustrated. Each chapter focuses on a specific problem, and top quality angiograms illustrate the various coronary lesions. The editors, all experts and pioneers in the field of interventional cardiology, from stenting to myocardial revascularization, have assembled a team of internationally renowned contributors to offer their practical advice on how to approach lesions in a straight-forward, pragmatic fashion. This guide is indispensable for cardiologists and students of the field, as well as for general practitioners.

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