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Clinical Obesity in Adults and Children
A comprehensive and incisive exploration of obesity in society and the clinical setting

In the newly revised Fourth Edition of Clinical Obesity in Adults and Children, a team of expert medical practitioners deliver a comprehensive exploration of the increasingly widespread disease of obesity. The book discusses topics such as the causes of obesity, the disease-model of obesity, the management of adult and childhood obesity, and policy approaches to obesity.

Designed to enable readers to better understand the full complexity of obesity _ both within society and in the clinical setting _ the book discusses a disease that is the leading cause of ill health around the world. The editors have included contributions from leading international experts in their respective fields that address every major aspect of this often misunderstood disease.

Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of:
- Introductions to the history and scale of the obesity problem across the world and its epidemiology and social determinants
- Comprehensive explorations of those affected by obesity, including fetal and infant origins, genetic causes, bias and stigma encountered by those affected by obesity, and the psychobiology of obesity
- Practical discussions of obesity as a disease, including its co-morbidities of dyslipidemia, fertility, cardiovascular consequences, and obstructive sleep apnea
- In-depth examinations of the management of obesity in adults and children, including contemporary approaches to clinical and dietary management, and behavioral treatments

Perfect for doctors and allied health professionals who regularly work with patients suffering from obesity, Clinical Obesity in Adults and Children will also earn a place in the libraries of health researchers and scholars studying obesity and nutrition, dieticians, nutritionists, and anyone else with a professional interest in an increasingly prevalent health problem.

Part 1: Obesity
1 Obesity - Introduction: History and the scale of the problem worldwide
2 The Epidemiology and Social Determinants of Obesity
Part 2: Causes of Obesity
3 Fetal and infant origins of obesity
4 Genes and Obesity
5 Bias, Stigma, and Social Consequences of Obesity
6 Ecology, protein leverage and public health
7 The Living Environment and Physical Activity
8 Psychobiology of obesity: Eating behaviour and appetite control
9 Energy balance and body weight homeostasis
Part 3: Obesity as a Disease
10 Obesity, ectopic fat and type 2 diabetes
11 Obesity and dyslipidemia, importance of body fat distribution
12 Obesity and Fertility
13 Metabolic Syndrome and Metabolic Dysfunction-Associated Fatty Liver Disease
14 Cardiovascular Consequences
15 Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
16 Obesity and Cancer
Part 4: Management of Adult Obesity
17 A practical approach to contemporary obesity management
18 Dietary Management of Obesity: Eating Plans
19 The Behavioral Treatment of Obesity
20 Role of Exercise and Physical Activity in promoting weight loss and weight loss maintenance
21 Adjunctive therapy, including pharmacotherapy
22 The Management of Obesity: Surgery
23 Weight loss maintenance and weight cycling
24 Training and Medical Systems for Obesity Care
Part 5: Childhood Obesity
25 The Prevention of Childhood Obesity
26 Consequences of childhood and adolescent obesity: the need for a broad approach
27 The Treatment of Childhood and Adolescent Obesity
Part 6: Policy Approaches
28 Policy approaches to obesity prevention
29 The double burden of malnutrition
30 Taxes, subsidies, and policies
31 The Global Syndemic of obesity, undernutrition and climate change

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