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Dr Joaquín J. Sopena has gathered together for that work a remarkable team of national and international specialists in skin surgery in small animals, presenting a versatile work on clinical cases. The book will be structured in a practical and applied manner, aiming at providing a detailed description of each case, including the surgical technique and many pictures and step-by-step series. More than 30 clinical cases on skin surgery that will serve as a guide for every vet in practice confronted for the first time to similar cases. This publication will be a reference guide for those veterinary surgeons whose intention is to improve clinical management of big wounds requiring one or several surgeries.

1. Medical wound management
Introduction and techniques
Clinical cases
Case 1.1 Postoperative wound dehiscence
Case 1.2 Skin tear in the right chest wall
Case 1.3 Wound in the forearm with conservative management
Case 1.4 Deep tear in the neck
2. Surgery and secondary closure of wounds
Introduction and techniques
Mandibular degloving injuries
Case 2.1 Complete mandibular degloving injury
Resection of lip tumours
Case 2.2 Labial lymphoma
Case 2.3 Labial plasmacytoma
Wounds caused by drug reactions
Case 2.4 Cutaneous abrasion on forelimbs due to possible reaction to drugs
Wounds from vehicle impact with substance loss, tear wounds and other complications
Case 2.5 Severe injury with substance loss on right hind paw
Case 2.6 Infected wound on left hind limb
Case 2.7 Tear wound in the perianal and perineal region in a female cat
Case 2.8 Tear wound in the perianal and perineal region in a male cat
Case 2.9 Decision on the management of a chronic cervical wound
Case 2.10 Perianal tear wound
Case 2.11 Complicated hind paw wound
3. Skin flaps
Introduction and techniques
Clinical cases
Case 3.1 Correction of a skin defect in the right forelimb by means of a bipedicle flap
Case 3.2 Plastic surgery in the area of the elbow after a tumour exeresis
Case 3.3 Resolution of an avulsion injury in the limb by means of a single pedicle advancement flap
Case 3.4 Tumour exeresis in the distal region of the forearm
Case 3.5 H-plasty to correct a wound in the right iliac region
Case 3.6 Chronic wound caused by a bite in the back
Case 3.7 Wound caused by an iatrogenic burn
4. Skin grafts
Introduction and techniques
Clinical cases
Case 4.1 Skin graft in the region of the forearm
Case 4.2 Hit-by-car wound caused complicated by a fracture of the distal physis and malleolus of the tibia
Case 4.3 Wound caused by extravasation of intravenous fluids
Case 4.4 Infected wound in the distal region of the tibia
5. Complex techniques and bioregenerative techniques
Introduction and techniques
Clinical cases
Case 5.1 Treatment of wounds using a mesh with growth factors
Case 5.2 Single-pedicle, axial-pattern tubed flap after the exeresis of a perianal tumour
Case 5.3 Combination of an axial pattern flap and skin expander in a chest wall wound
Case 5.4 Chronic wound proximal to the elbow
Case 5.5 Wound in the cervical region with muscle tear
Case 5.6 Plastic surgery in a case of malformation of the upper lip
Case 5.7 Episioplasty
6. References

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