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CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE- DIALYSIS- AND TRANSPLANTATION- A Companion to Brenner and Rector"s The Kidy-9780323529785
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From basic science to practical clinical tools, Chronic Kidney Disease, Dialysis, and Transplantation, 4th Edition provides you with the up-to-date, authoritative guidance you need to safely and effectively manage patients with chronic renal disease. Covering all relevant clinical management issues, this companion volume to Brenner and Rector""s The Kidney presents the knowledge and expertise of renowned researchers and clinicians in the fields of hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, critical care nephrology, and transplantation - for an all-in-one, indispensable guide to every aspect of this fast-changing field.

Key Features:
- Contains expanded content on economics and outcomes of treatment, as well as acute kidney injury.
- Covers hot topics such as the genetic causes of chronic kidney disease, ethical challenges and palliative care, and home hemodialysis.
- Discusses the latest advances in hypertensive kidney disease, vitamin D deficiency, diabetes management, transplantation, and more.
- Provides a clear visual understanding of complex information with high-quality line drawings, photographs, and diagnostic and treatment algorithms.
- Expert ConsultÖ eBook version included with purchase. This enhanced eBook experience allows you to search all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.

Section 1: Chronic Kidney Disease
1. Chronic Kidney Disease: Definitions, Epidemiology, Cost, and Outcomes
2. Measurement and Estimation of Kidney Function
3. Diabetic Kidney Disease
4. Hypertensive Kidney Disease
5. Chronic Kidney Disease in the Elderly
6. The Pediatric Patient with Chronic Kidney Disease
7. Genetic Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease

Section 2: Complications and Management of Chronic Kidney Disease
8. The Role of the Chronic Kidney Disease Clinic and Multidisciplinary Team Care
9. Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease
10. Mineral Bone Disorders in Chronic Kidney Disease
11. Vitamin D Disorders in Chronic Kidney Disease
12. Cardiovascular Disease in Chronic Kidney Disease
13. Nutrition, Metabolism and Hormonal Function in Chronic Kidney Disease
14. Inflammation in Chronic Kidney Disease
15. Sleep Disorders in Chronic Kidney Disease
16. Depression and Neurocognitive Function in Chronic Kidney Disease
17. Medication Management in Chronic Kidney Disease
18. The Pathophysiology of Uremia
19. Timing and Initiation and Modality Options for Renal Replacement Therapy
20. Ethical Challenges and the Role of Palliative Care in Kidney Disease

Section 3: Dialysis
21. Dialysis and End Stage Kidney Disease: Epidemiology, Cost, and Outcomes
22. Principles of Hemodialysis
23. Vascular Access
24. Hemodialysis Adequacy
25. Hemodialysis-Associated Infections
26. Acute Complications Associated with Hemodialysis
27. Frequent Hemodialysis: Physiological, Epidemiological, and Practical Aspects
28. Home Hemodialysis
29. Peritoneal Physiology
30. The Utilization and Outcomes of Peritoneal Dialysis
31. Peritoneal Dialysis Solutions, Prescription and Adequacy
32. Peritoneal Dialysis-Related Infections
33. Noninfectious Complications of Peritoneal Dialysis

Section 4: Transplantation
34. Transplant epidemiology, costs and outcomes
35. Transplantation Immunobiology
36. Evaluation of Donors and Recipients
37. Surgical Management of the Renal Transplant Recipient
38. Immunosuppresive Therapy
39. Diagnosis and Therapy of Graft Dysfunction
40. Infection in Renal Transplant Recipients
41. Noninfectious Complications after Kidney Transplantation
42. Recurrent and De Novo Renal Diseases after Kidney Transplantation
43. Pediatric Renal Transplantation
44. Chronic Kidney Disease in the Kidney Transplant Recipient

Section 5: Acute Kidney Injury
45. Acute Kidney Injury: Epidemiology, Costs and Outcomes
46. Metabolic and Nutritional Complications of Acute Kidney Injury
47. Acute Kidney Injury Diagnostics and Biomarkers
48. Pharmacological Interventions in Acute Kidney Injury
49. Dialytic Management for Acute Renal Failure
50. Extracorporeal Treatment of Poisonings

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