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Practical guidance on managing chronic illnesses in small animals

Chronic Disease Management for Small Animals provides a complete resource for the long-term care and therapy of canine and feline patients with incurable conditions. Offering practical strategies for successful management of chronic disorders, the book presents expert guidance on handling these ailments and the animals that they afflict.

Written by leading experts in their respective fields, Chronic Disease Management for Small Animals takes a multidisciplinary approach to the subject, covering chronic diseases across many categories, including mobility, dermatology, ophthalmology, internal medicine, and more. The book is not meant to replace existing textbooks, but is designed to be used as a practical guide that educates the reader about the many therapeutic options for chronic disease management.

Coverage encompasses:
- The impact that chronic disease has on the quality of life for both the patient and its owner
- Specific chronic diseases, outlining diagnostics, therapeutics, and quality of life concerns
- Hospice care and end of life, including client and pet needs, quality of life, cultural sensitivities, dying naturally, euthanasia, and death

Chronic Disease Management for Small Animals is an essential reference for recently qualified and seasoned practitioners alike, supporting clinicians in making decisions and communicating with clients regarding long-term care. It is an ideal book for all small animal practitioners and veterinary students.

Part I: Communication and Caregiving
1. Chapter: Communication, Caregiving And Chronic Disease
Part II: Syndromes and Clinical Signs of Chronic Disease
2. Chapter: Pruritus, Atopic Dermatitis and Pyoderma
3. Chapter: Managing Mobility: An Integrative Approach (Orthopedic And Neurologic Impairments Of Mobility)
4. Chapter: Chronic diseases of the Eye and Adnexa. (Double Check Spelling Of "Adnexa" Not "Adnexia" In Title)
5. Chapter: Heart Disease
6. Chapter: Canine Cognitive Dysfunction
7. Chapter: Vestibular Syndromes
8. Chapter: Seizure Disorders
9. Chapter: Feline Hyperthyroidism
10. Chapter: Hypoadrenocorticism In Dogs
11. Chapter: Canine Hypothyroidism
12. Chapter: Hyperadrenocorticism In Dogs And Cats
13. Chapter: Diabetes Mellitus
14. Chapter: Chronic Pancreatitis
15. Chapter: Mega-Oesophagus And Esophageal Dysmotility
16. Chapter: Chronic Gastritis
17. Chapter: Ulcerative Colitis
18. Chapter: Mega-Colon
19. Chapter: Inflammatory Bowel Disease
20. Chapter: Protein Losing-Enteropathy
21. Chapter: Cholecystitis
22. Chapter: Biliary Mucocele
23. Chapter: Chronic Hepatitis
24. Chapter: Portosystemic Liver Shunts
25. Chapter: Hepatic Lipidosis
26. Chapter: Feline Cholangitis
27. Chapter: Chronic Kidney Disease
28. Chapter: Chronic Urinary Tract Infection
29. Chapter: Feline Interstitial Cystitis
30. Chapter: Canine Chronic Bronchitis
31. Chapter: Bronchiectasis
32. Chapter: Interstitial Lung Diseases
33. Chapter: Feline Asthma
34. Chapter: Collapsing Trachea
35. Chapter: Allergic Rhinitis
Part III: End of Life
36. Chapter: Hospice Care And End Of Life

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