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CHORDOMA OF THE SPINE‚ A comprehensive review

CHORDOMA OF THE SPINE- A comprehensive review-9783030762001
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This book provides a comprehensive review of the epidemiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and management of chordomas of the mobile spine and sacrum. Historically, knowledge about how to deliver such state-of-the-art care has not been widespread, resulting in inconsistent treatment, and, all too often, suboptimal outcomes for chordoma patients. This text is an important step towards broadening that knowledge, and, in turn, improving the care provided to chordoma patients. The book is divided into 4 parts comprising 16 chapters.

The first part focuses on the pathophysiology and molecular drivers of chordoma. The second focuses on the epidemiology and clinical history, as well as the histological, oncologic, and radiographic work-up of chordoma. The third part focuses primarily on the technical aspects of surgery for chordoma. It is broken down by anatomic region, with the final two chapters focusing on the soft tissue and bony reconstruction following chordoma resection. The last part focuses on the exciting field of adjuvant therapies for chordoma. This includes both radiation therapies and novel chemotherapeutic options for recurrent, metastatic, and dedifferentiated chordoma.

Written by world experts from leading chordoma centers, Chordoma of the Spine serves as a valuable reference for spinal oncologists and general spine surgeons who may encounter chordoma patients in their practice. It provides the most up-to-date evidence regarding all aspects of treating patients with this disease. By focusing on this specific pathology of the spine, this resource condenses expert-level research into understandable treatment algorithms.

Section I Pathophysiology and Molecular Mechanisms of Chordoma
1 Notochordal Morphogenesis and the Origin of Chordoma
2 Molecular and Genetic Mechanisms of Spinal Chordoma
Section II Epidemiology, Clinical History, and Work-Up for Chordoma
3 Historical Overview, Demographics, and Clinical Presentation of Spinal Chordoma
4 Clinical Work up, Diagnostic Imaging and Biopsy
5 Histopathologic Classification of Spinal Chordoma
6 Multi-disciplinary Planning for Treatment
Section III Surgical Management of Chordoma
7 Surgical Management of Chordoma of the Occipitocervical Junction
8 Surgical Management of Chordoma of the Cervical Spine
9 Surgical Management of Chordoma of the Thoracic Spine
10 Surgical Management of Chordoma of the Lumbar Spine
11 Surgical Management of Chordoma of the Sacrum
12 Soft Tissue Reconstruction Following Surgery for Sacral Chordoma
13 Vascular Reconstruction After EnBloc Resection
Section IV Radiation and Chemotherapeutic Adjuvants for Chordoma
14 Photon Therapy for Chordoma of the Spine
15 Heavy Particle Therapy for Chordoma
16 Systemic Therapy, Trials and Future Directions for Chordoma of the Spine

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