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CAROTID ARTERY STENTING‚ Current Practice and Techniques

CAROTID ARTERY STENTING- Current Practice and Techniques-9780781743853
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Both timely and authoritative, this fully up to date reference lets you benefit from the knowledge and clinical experience of internationally renowned experts in interventional cardiology and neuroradiology.
The authors take you step by step through illustrated descriptions of the techniques that they helped to develope and perfect.


- An in depth examination of trial results such as CAVATAS stroke prevention trial, and clinical experience to provide a sound, evidence based foundation for clinical decision making
- Key facts on indications, contraindications, patient selection, and managment of complications to help you select the best approach for each patient
- Step by step descriptions of tools and techniques, including major trial results on design and application of devices to bring you up to date with the latest advances in the field
- Comprehensive discussion of Anti-Embolization devices and their appropriate application
- 250 illustrations (24 in full colour) to provide a visual roadmap to the anatomy, approaches and techniques needed to optimise procedural performance
- Technical pearls from respected interventional cardiologists to help you improve results and avoid common pitfals

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