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Cardiovascular Pathology, Fifth Edition provides a comprehensive treatise on the pathology of cardiovascular diseases, combining presentations of detailed pathology of cardiovascular diseases coupled with contemporary insights into etiology and pathogenesis. Twenty-two chapters cover general topics, including cardiovascular genetics, heart failure, and transplantation, and specific congenital and acquired cardiovascular diseases, therapeutic interventions, and forensic aspects. New chapters address the scope of practice and training in cardiovascular pathology, with a focus on major diagnostic approaches used in contemporary practice and research in cardiovascular pathology, and a perspective on the field of cardiovascular regenerative medicine linked to the basic pathobiology of cell-based therapy.

The book provides a unique combination of details of pathological anatomy essential for pathologists involved in the evaluation of cardiovascular specimens and cardiovascular diseases, and is an excellent reference for anyone interested in the natural history and therapeutic advances in the cardiovascular field.

1. Cardiovascular pathology: guide to practice and training
2. Anatomic considerations and examination of cardiovascular specimens (excluding devices)
3. Age-related cardiovascular changes and diseases
4. Fundamental principles in cardiovascular genetics
5. Pathophysiology of heart failure and an overview of therapies
6. Congenital heart disease: pathology, natural history, and interventions
7. Vascular pathobiology atherosclerosis and large vessel disease
8. Diseases of small and medium-sized blood vessels
9. Aneurysms of the aorta: ascending, thoracic, and abdominal and their management
10. Myocardial ischemia and its complications
11. Pathology of sudden death, cardiac arrhythmias, and conduction system
12. Toxins and the heart
13. Myocarditis
14. Cardiomyopathies
15. The pericardium and its diseases
16. Valvular heart disease
17. Cardiac valve replacement and related interventions
18. The pathology of cardiovascular interventions and devices for coronary artery disease, vascular disease, heart failure, and arrhythmias
19. Tumors of the cardiovascular system, heart, and blood vessels
20. Pathology of cardiac transplantation
21. Basic pathobiology of cell-based therapies and cardiac regenerative medicine
22. Forensic aspects of cardiovascular pathology

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