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CARDIOVASCULAR GENOMICS‚ New Pathophysiological Concepts

CARDIOVASCULAR GENOMICS- New Pathophysiological Concepts-9781402070228
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This volume will combine state-of-the-art chapters on the latest technical advances in combination with applications in the different fields of cardiovascular medicine, including atherosclerosis, hypertension, cardiac hypertrophy and failure and arrhythmias. In addition, the latest developments with respect to stem cell applications in cardiology will be addressed, including cell source selection, manipulation and applications.

1. Genomics and clinical cardiology: Hype or hope?
Session 1: Gene expression analysis.
2. Salt-sensitive hypertension: Identification of downstream renal targets in the aldosterone-signaling pathway by Serial Analysis of Gene Expression (SAGE) B.C. Rossier, D. Firsov. 3. Cardiovascular proteomics: Effect of hypoxic conditions C. Michiels, et al. 4. Using comparative genome analysis to find interaction partners for frataxin M.A. Huynen.

Session 2: Genomics and pathophysiology of atherosclerosis.
5. In vitro-in vivo gene expression analysis in atherosclerosis A.J.G. Horrevoets, et al.

Session 3: Genomics in hypertension.
6. Human essential hypertension: Role of the genes of the renin-aldosterone system X. Jeunemaitre, et al. 7. Gene therapy for hypertension: Future or fiction? J.P. Fennell, et al. 8. Hormones and signalling pathways G. Lembo. 9. Endothelial changes in hypertension C. Zaragoza, S. Lamas.

Session 4: Genomics in cardiac hypertrophy and failure.
10. Towards elucidation of genetic pathways in cardiac hypertrophy: Technique to develop microarrays B.J.C. van den Bosch, et al. 11. Gene expression in cardiac hypertrophy and failure: Role of G protein-coupled receptors G. Esposito, et al. 12. Little mice with big hearts: Finding the molecular basis for dilated cardiomyopathy L.J. de Windt, M.A. Sussman. 13. Cardiac hypertrophic signaling the good, the bad and the ugly O.F. Bueno, et al.

Session 5: Molecular remodelling in arrhythmias.
14. Ion channel regulation: From arrhythmias to genes to channels (to cures?) J. Donahue. 15. Differential expression and functional regulation of delayed rectifier channels M. Stengl, et al. 16. Genetic polymorphisms and their role in ventricular arrhythmias S. Kääb, et al. 17. Molecular mechanisms of remodelling in human atrial fibrillation B.J.J.M. Brundel, et al. 18. G-protein &Bgr 3-subunit polymorphism and atrial fibrillation U. Ravens, et al.

Session 6: Towards cellular transplantation.
19. Human stem cell gene therapy A.A.F. de Vries. 20. Towards human embryonic stem cell derived cardiomyocytes C. Mummery, et al. 21. Use of mesenchymal stem cells for regeneration of cardiomyocytes and its application to the treatment of congestive heart failure K. Fukuda. 22. Cellular cardiac reinforcement P. Menasché. 23. Appendix to session 3 hypertension. Adducin paradigm: An Approach to the complexity of hypertension genetics G. Bianchi. Index.

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