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CARDIO-ONCOLOGY PRACTICE MANUAL‚ A Companion to Braunwald"s Heart Disease

CARDIO-ONCOLOGY PRACTICE MANUAL- A Companion to Braunwald"s Heart Disease-9780323681353
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Today""s patients have unique cardiological needs before, during, and after cancer treatment. Chemotherapies, radiation therapy, and targeted therapies can produce side effects or lasting adverse consequences on the heart and circulatory system, making the field of cardio-oncology increasingly important in today""s health care.

Cardio-Oncology Practice Manual is a comprehensive, portable guide that provides practical approaches to assessment and management of cardiovascular disease due to the effects of cardiotoxic agents and treatments. Part of the Braunwald family of renowned cardiology references, it clearly presents clinically-relevant aspects of this growing field in one quick, practical reference for a wide range of cardio-oncology providers.

Key Features
- Covers all major cancer therapies, cardiovascular toxicities, and malignancies in a portable, authoritative guide_ideal for cardiologists, cardio-oncologists, general practitioners, internists, medical oncologists, and hematologists.
- Offers templated and streamlined content for quick retrieval, with key point summaries for each major section.
- Presents cardiac disease entities and specific malignant diseases in a succinct overview format addressing important clinical care aspects.
- Features "Central Illustrations" for each topic that visually summarize the chapter and its specific content including algorithms for management of cardiovascular toxicities and one-view overviews of malignancies.
- Includes a comprehensive drug guide that provides quick reference to drugs prescribed for cancers with therapeutic indications, manifestations and mechanisms of cardiotoxicity, their risk factors, and risk reduction strategies.
- Brings you up to date with new immune therapies, including immune checkpoint inhibitors and CAR T-cell therapies
- Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.

1. The Cardio-Oncology Clinic Part I. Cardiovascular Disease Management Before Cancer Treatment
Section A. The A-to-Z Before Therapy
2. Key Points of Cardio-Oncology Evaluation Before Cancer Therapy
3. Chemotherapeutic Risks Before Cancer Therapy
4. Radiation Therapy Risks Before Cancer Therapy
5. Bone Marrow Transplantation Risks Before Cancer Therapy
6. Surgical Risks Before Cancer Therapy
Section B. Cardiovascular Disease Prevention in Cancer Patients
7. Cardiomyopathy/Heart Failure Prevention Before Cancer Therapy
8. Vascular Disease Prevention Before Cancer Therapy
9. Thromboembolic Disease Prevention Before Cancer Therapy
10. Arrhythmia Prevention and Device Management Before Cancer Therapy
11. Hypertension and Renal Disease Prevention Before Cancer Therapy
12. Pulmonary Disease Prevention Before Cancer Therapy
13. Cardiopulmonary Exercise for Prevention Before Cancer Therapy
Part II. Cardiovascular Disease Management During Cancer Treatment
Section C. The A-to-Z Through Therapy
14. Key Points of Cardio-Oncology Evaluation During Cancer Therapy
15. Cardiomyopathy/Heart Failure Myocarditis, and Takotsubo""s During Cancer Therapy
16. Structural Heart Disease
17. Vascular Disease
18. Thromboembolic Disease
19. Arrhythmia, QTc Prolongation, and Device Management
20. Hypertension and Renal Disease
21. Pulmonary Disease
22. Cardiovascular Imaging
Part III. Cardiovascular Disease Management After Cancer Treatment
Section D. The A-to-Z After Therapy
23. Key Points of Cardio-Oncology Evaluation After Cancer Therapy
24. Cancer Survivorship and Co-Morbidity Disease Risk
25. Long-Term Complications of Chemotherapy
26. Long-Term Complications of Radiation Therapy
Section E. Cardiovascular Disease in Cancer Survivors
27. Cardiomyopathy/Heart Failure Prevention and Management
28. Structureal Heart Disease Prevention and Management
29. Vascular Disease Prevention and Management
30. Thromboembolic Disease Prevention and Manageent
31. Arrhythmia Prevention and Management
32. Hypertension and Renal Failure Prevention and Management
33. Pulmonary Disease Prevention and Management
34. Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Section F. Cardiovascular Disease Management in Specific Malignant Diseases
35. Breast Cancer
36. Uterine, Ovary, and Cervical Cancer
37. Prostate and Testicular Cancer
38. Renal and Urinary Bladder Cancer
39. Lung Cancer
40. Colorectal Cancer
41. Esophageal and Gastric Cancer
42. Hepatobiliary Carcinomas
43. Pancreatic Cancer
44. Melanoma
45. Head-and-Neck Cancers
46. Thyroid cancer
47. Glioblastoma
48. Bone and Soft Tissue Sarcomas
49. Leukemias
50. Lymphomas
51. Multiple Myeloma and Cardiac Amyloidosis
52. Carcinoid
53. Cardiac Masses
Part IV. Cancer Drugs
54. Cancer Therapeutic Drug Guide

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