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Cardiac Problems in Pregnancy offers clinicians the most detailed and comprehensive guide to diagnosing and managing pregnancy-associated cardiovascular diseases currently available. Covering a wide spectrum of congenital and acquired cardiovascular conditions, its extensive contents examine diseases of the heart with an expert awareness of the implications of pregnancy and the attendant physiological changes it brings. Such guidance is vitally required in an age in which congenital and acquired heart diseases are the leading causes of non-obstetrical maternal morbidity and mortality.

Featuring 36 new or extensively revised chapters, this fourth edition of the book complements coverage of the latest research and clinical advances with a complete and up-to-date bibliography of literature on pregnancy in women with cardiovascular conditions. It also serves as a practical, step-by-step companion for those caring for heart disease patients during pregnancy, labor, and the post-partum period.

Contents include:
- Coverage of all elements of maternal cardiology
- Newly written chapters featuring fresh research and data
- Guidance on performing risk assessments and interventions both prior to and during gestation
- Explanations of a range of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to cardiovascular disease in pregnant patients

Drawing on expertise from across the fields of cardiovascular medicine, obstetrics, anesthesiology, cardiac surgery, pharmacology, and clinical science, Cardiac Problems in Pregnancy is designed to give invaluable support to all medical professionals involved in maximizing the safety and success of cardiologically complex pregnancies.

Part I Physiologic changes during normal pregnancy and the puerperium
1. Hemodynamic and cardiac function

Part II Cardiac evaluation of the pregnant woman
2. Cardiovascular evaluation during pregnancy
3. Cardiovascular imaging in the pregnant patient

Part III Cardiac disorders and pregnancy
4. Risk assessment prior and during pregnancy
5. Congenital heart disease and pregnancy
6. Native valvular heart disease and pregnancy
7. Pregnancy in the patient with prosthetic heart valves
8. Myocarditis and pregnancy
9. Pericardial disorders and pregnancy
10. Peripartum cardiomyopathy
11. Dilated cardiomyopathy and pregnancy
12. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and pregnancy
13. Left ventricular non-compaction
14. Acute myocardial infarction and pregnancy
15. Cardiac arrhythmias and pregnancy
16. Pulmonary arterial hypertension and pregnancy
17. Infective endocarditis

Part IV Vascular disease in pregnancy
18. Vascular dissections and aneurysms during pregnancy
19. Marfan syndrome and pregnancy
20. Non Martan aorthopaties and pregnant patient
21. Takayasu""s arteritis and pregnancy
22. Thromboembolic disease in pregnancy
23. Amniotic fluid embolism and pregnancy
24. Hypertension during pregnancy
25. Syncope in pregnancy

Part V Cardiac surgery and catheter based interventions during pregnancy
26. Cardiac surgery during pregnancy
27. Catheter based interventions in women with heart disease during pregnancy
28. Analgesia and anesthesia during pregnancy Labor and delivery
29. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation of pregnant women
30. Pregnancy after cardiac transplantation

Part VI Cardiovascular drug therapy during pregnancy
31. Pharmacokinetics of drugs in pregnancy and lactation
32. Cardiovascular drugs in pregnancy and lactation
33. Tocolytic therapy in the cardiac patient
34. Fertility control in the cardiac patient

Part VII Labor and delivery
35. Management of labor and delivery in the cardiac patient
36. Cardiac effects of drugs used for induction of labor and prevention and treatment of post partum haemorrhage

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