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CARDIAC LEAD EXTRACTION‚ A case-based contemporary approach

CARDIAC LEAD EXTRACTION- A case-based contemporary approach-9781942909545
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This hands-on approach to cardiac lead extraction is presented in a case-based format and complemented by more than 200 videos demonstrating state-of-the-art tools, methodology, technical skills, and periprocedural clinical management critical for successful outcomes.

There is a worldwide increase in extraction procedures due to pacemaker or defibrillator leads becoming infected or dysfunctional. This visual atlas with 26 illustrative cases informs cardiology providers about the latest techniques and tools available for the procedure.

The teaching objectives of this book will guide the reader to:
- Plan a lead extraction procedure based on the individual case.
- Review detailed technical aspects of a lead extraction procedure.
- Troubleshoot challenging and complex cases.
- Develop strategies to prevent, diagnose, and manage complications associated with lead extraction procedures.

The book will serve as an easy reference guide for cardiac electrophysiologists, cardiologists, anesthesiology providers, allied health staff members, fellows, and surgeons performing lead extraction procedures. Also included is a special section on team dynamics and the valuable role of allied health providers in lead extraction procedures.

The ability to learn from the collective wisdom of the lead extraction community is a game-changer_This compendium showcases a breadth of techniques and expertise that extends far beyond what any individual could achieve. From the Foreword, Joshua M. Cooper, MD

Illustrated with 220 videos and 235 figures.

1. Structural Basis for Lead Extraction Complications
2. Clinical Assessment
3. Lead Extraction Imaging
4. Extraction Planning and Preparation
5. Anesthetic Considerations and Preparation for Lead Extraction
6. Room and Equipment Preparation
7. Team Collaboration and Decision Making During Lead Extraction Procedures
8. Surgical Management of Bleeding Complications Associated with Transvenous Lead Extraction
Case 1 Device Extraction from Superior Venous Access
Case 2 Extraction of Recalled Riata Lead
Case 3 Importance of Lead Countertraction
Case 4 Lead Extraction (Right-Sided ICD)
Case 5 Lead Management (Pocket Pain)
Case 6 Superior Vena Cava Obstruction Due to Pacemaker Leads
Case 7 Lead Extraction for Superior Vena Cava Occlusion
Case 8 Management of a Patient with Lead Perforation
Case 9 The Use of Shockwaves to Facilitate Lead Management (Intravascular Lithotripsy)
Case 10 Lead Extraction in a Patient with Patent Foramen Ovale and Paradoxical Embolism
Case 11 Large Lead Mass
Case 12 Using AngioVac for Lead Extraction
Case 13 Extraction Case Complicated with Superior Vena Cava Tear Due to Intramural Pacemaker Lead
Case 14 Early Detection of Superior Vena Cava Tear Using Video-Assisted Thoracoscopy During Lead Extraction
Case 15 Percutaneous Management of Superior Vena Cava Tear
Case 16 Tools and Techniques for the Extraction of Leadless Pacemakers
Case 17 Femoral Device Extraction
Case 18 Lead Extraction Through the Femoral Venous Route
Case 19 Coronary Sinus Lead Extraction of a Starfix Lead
Case 20 Extraction of Coronary Sinus Lead
Case 21 Azygous Vein Coil and Subcutaneous Array Extraction
Case 22 Lead Extraction in a Patient with Prosthetic Valvular Endocarditis
Case 23 A Patient with Congenital Atrioventricular Block and Severe Tricuspid Valve Regurgitation
Case 24 Management of Epicardial Leads in Device Infections
Case 25 Pacemaker Infection Treated with Chronic Suppressive Antibiotic Therapy
Case 26 Lead Extraction Using Single Sheath Mechanical Dilatation

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