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This book from experienced paediatricians Professor Alf Nicholson and Professor Kevin Dunne covers the essential elements needed throughout the career of those who treat children and adolescents.

Based on the current paediatric training curriculum, this book includes the core basics (section 1), the various symptom-based presentations (section 2) all with input from renowned sub-specialists in Paediatrics, the common presentations relating to age that are seen in primary care (section 3) and the skills you need to have to be a successful trainee or consultant in Paediatrics (section 4). All of the chapters have high quality clinical and radiology images as appropriate and have additional typical case scenarios to highlight the learning points.

This book is unique in that it caters for undergraduate students through to postgraduate trainees in paediatrics or general practice, and the working GP or consultant.

Key Features:
- Clinical vignettes to highlight key learning points
- Over 90 case scenarios sprinkled throughout the book with clinical pearls, interpretation of investigations and pitfalls to avoid for each scenario
- List of key points to be obtained from a consultation to support doctors in the clinic
- All key procedures in neonatology and paediatrics are covered
- Problem-solving practice to test knowledge
- Section 4 hosts unique chapters not least safe practice, dealing with uncertainty, the avoidance of errors, ethical dilemmas, ECG and laboratory interpretation of results, neonatal and paediatric procedures and critical journal reading
- High-quality clinical pictures, cardiac pictures, ECGs and radiology images to support learning
- Content suitable for students, GPs and specialists
- 20 podcasts available in the e-book version

Author Information:
By Alfred John Nicholson, FCRCPCH, FRCPI, Professor of Paediatrics, RCSI Medical School, Children""s University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland and Kevin Dunne, Head of Paediatrics, RCSI Medical School, Children""s University Hospital, Dublin, Ireland

Section 1 The core elements of paediatrics
1 The well child
2 Taking a paediatric history
3 Physical and developmental examination
4 The newborn and six week check
5 Feeding issues and failure to thrive
6 Growth and puberty
7 The obesity epidemic
Section 2 Symptom-based (all chapters with editing by subspecialists in Ireland and the UK)
8 Food allergies
9 The pale child
10 Congenital heart disease
11 The child with a cough
12 Diabetes mellitus
13 Diarrhoea
14 Fever and its differentials and approach
15 Joint pains
16 Headaches
17 Frequent infections
18 Inborn errors of metabolism
19 Skin rashes
20 Seizures
21 Common surgical issues
22 Safeguarding
23 Neurodisability
24 Problems with the kidneys
25 Acute severe illness
26 Genetics and evaluation for dysmorphic features
Section 3 Common conditions by age
27 Common problems in infancy
28 Frequent flyers in toddlers
29 Issues in school going children
30 Adolescence and adolescent mental health issues
Section 4 Advanced
31 Laboratory interpretation
32 Illness without disease
33 Learning from clinical events
34 ECG interpretation
35 Ethics, professionalism and advocacy
36 Common neonatal problems and neonatal procedures

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