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BOTULINUM TOXIN IN AESTHETIC MEDICINE‚ Injection Protocols and Complication Management

BOTULINUM TOXIN IN AESTHETIC MEDICINE- Injection Protocols and Complication Management-9781032440538
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Botulinum Toxin in Aesthetic Medicine: Injection Protocols and Complication Management

This practical book is a quick review of the necessary details for safe and effective deployment of botulinum toxins in day-to-day practice, covering basic background information about the products, patient consultation, and treatment preparation, with more emphasis on injection patterns, relevant anatomy, and avoiding and treating complications.

- Offers a succinct but practical synopsis of treatment
- Presents a user""s guide to the world""s most popular aesthetic treatment
- Showcases the experience and viewpoint of a busy, dedicated aesthetic practice

01 General Background
1.1 History of Botulinum Toxin
1.2 Mechanism of Action
1.3 Training and Continuing Medical Education
1.4 Manufacturers
1.5 Diffusion and Spread of Botulinum Toxin Products
1.6 Reconstitution of Botulinum Toxin Products
1.7 Contra Indications
1.8 Patient Consultation and Documentation
1.9 Patient Information
1.10 Complications and Side Effects
1.11 Pre and Post Procedure
1.12 General Injection Techniques

02 Upper Third Of the Face
2.1 Horizontal Forehead Lines 2.2 Personal Tweaks
2.3 GRID21 and Grid ONE21 Methods
2.4 Glabella
2.5 Periorbital Wrinkles
2.6 Brow Lift
2.7 Tension Headache and Migraine
2.8 Lower Eyelid Wrinkles and Widening of the Eyes

03 Middle Third of the Face
3.1 Bunny Lines
3.2 Nasolabial Fold and Gummy Smile
3.3 Perioral Radial Wrinkles
3.4 Nose Tip Depression

04 Lower Third of the Face
4.1 Oral Commissures
4.2 Mental Crease and Mentalis Dimples
4.3 Masseter Hypertrophy
4.4 Jawline Lift

05 Non-Facial Indications
5.1 Vertical Muscle Bands in the Neck and Horizontal Neck Lines
5.2 Primary Focal Hyperhidrosis
5.3 Palmar and Plantar Hyperhidrosis
5.4 Calf Shaping with Botulinum Toxin

06 Skin Quality Improvement with Botulinum Toxin
6.1 Botulinum Toxin for the Treatment of Abnormal Scarring
6.2 Reduction of Pore Size and Sebum Production
6.3 Microtoxin Injections for Facial Lifting
6.4 Androgenetic Alopecia Reduction
6.5 Reduction of Flushing, Facial Erythema and Rosacea

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