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Filler techniques are the most widely used surgical procedures in cosmetic surgery, as they are the best method of reducing wrinkles on a long-term basis. For years, dermatologists have known that water-binding soft-tissue fillers can replace the loss of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid from the skin. Because filler formulas and application techniques are constantly updated and reevaluated, the dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon need a quick reference on the subject.

This new text, edited by world-renowned dermatologist Dr Neil S. Sadick, covers all the main aspects of soft-tissue filler techniques. Subjects covered include choosing and applying fillers short-, intermediate-, and long-acting fillers and combination approaches, as well as anesthetic considerations, equipment and patient positioning, operative procedures, potential complications, and postoperative evaluation.

- Comprehensive coverage of all augmentation fillers, in concise format
- Over 100 full-color illustrations detailing techniques and procedures
- Edited by world-renowned dermatologist Dr Neil S. Sadick, it includes chapters by many leading names in dermatology

1. Application of fillers
2. Approach to choosing the ideal filler
3. Patient selection, counseling, and informed consent
4. Hyaluronic acid skin derivatives
5. Collagen products
6. Radiesse
7. Artefill
8. Silicone
9. Advanta expanded polytetrafluoroethylene implants
10. Sculptra
11. Lipo transfer
12. BioAlcamid
13. Combination approaches
14. Filler complications
15. Post-procedure management and patient instructions
16. Conclusion

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