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ATOPIC DERMATITIS‚ The Epidemiology‚ Causes and Prevention Atopic Ecze

ATOPIC DERMATITIS- The Epidemiology- Causes and Prevention Atopic Ecze-9780521570756
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Atopic dermatitis or eczema is an increasingly common skin disease, but its distribution, frequency and underlying causes have not yet been systematically reviewed in depth: this is the very first book to look at the epidemiology of atopic dermatitis, its prevalence and possible causes. Uniquely, this volume draws on international experts from a wide range of disciplines, including dermatologists, epidemiologists, paediatricians and immunologists. As an allergic disease, atopic dermatitis has much in common with other allergies and this comprehensive account will shed new light on the mechanisms that underlie the allergic response. Whilst atopic eczema is primarily a disease of childhood and therefore a common problem in paediatric practice, its prevalence in adulthood continues to pose a challenge to dermatologists and primary care physicians. This wide-ranging new publication will be an invaluable resource for all involved in the treatment or the study of atopic dermatitis.

Part I. The Nature of the Problem:
1. What is atopic dermatitis, and how should it be defined in epidemiological studies? H. Williams
2. The pathophysiology and clinical features of atopic dermatitis C. Archer
3. The natural history of atopic dermatitis H. Williams and B. Wüthrich
4. Occupational consequences of atopic dermatitis P. J. Coenraads and T. Diepgen

Part II. Descriptive Studies which Indicate the Size of the Problem:
5. Geographical studies of atopic dermatitis N. McNally and D. Philips
6. The morbidity and cost of atopic dermatitis R. Herd
7. Is the prevalence of atopic dermatitis increasing? T. Diepgen

Part III. Analytical Studies which Point to Causes of Atopic Dermatitis:
8. Genetic epidemiology of atopic dermatitis F. S. Larsen
9. Foetal and perinatal origins of atopic dermatitis K. Godfrey
10. Socioeconomic factors and atopic dermatitis N. McNally and D. Philips
11. The ""old mother"" hypothesis A. B. Olesen and K. Thestrup-Pederson
12. The possible role of environmental pollution T. Schäfer and J. Ring
13. Migrant studies H. Williams and C. Burrell-Morris
14. The role of house dust mite H. Kolmer and T. Platts-Mills
15. Dietary factors in atopic dermatitis T. David, L. Patel, C. Ewing and R. H. Stanton

Part IV. Intervention Studies:
16. Prevention of atopic dermatitis A. Mar and R. Marks

Part V. Lessons from Other Fields:
17. Parallels with the epidemiology of asthma and hay fever D. Strachan
18. Recent developments in atopic diseases in animals S. Shaw and M. Day

Part VI. Conclusions:
19. The future research agenda H. Williams

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