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The revised and updated third edition of the essential guide to the diagnosis and treatment of the diabetic foot

The revised third edition of the Atlas of the Diabetic Foot is an updated guide to the information needed for the prevention and treatment of diabetic foot problems with the aim of reducing amputations. In addition to offering the theoretical knowledge, the book is filled with more than 500 color photos from real-life cases. The cases explore a wide-variety of foot issues and the text includes information about differential diagnosis and treatment. The authors_noted experts in the field_describe the epidemiology, pathophysiology and classification of diabetic foot ulcers. In addition, the book highlights the diagnosis of the main risk factors for the diabetic foot, namely diabetic neuropathy, peripheral arterial disease and the anatomic deformities of the lower extremities.

The updated third edition, include 5 videos that clearly demonstrate the methods of examination for diabetic neuropathy and peripheral arterial disease. The text incldues methods of callus removal and debridement as well as offloading. In addition, it contains information on how a total contact cast is constructed. This essential resource:

- Contains a full colour presentation of diabetic foot cases
- Explains the prevention and treatment of diabetic foot problems in a revised and updated edition
- Includes a larger format that allows for a better quality images
- Offers a companion website with high-resolution digital files of photographs of the case studies presented
- Presents a multidisciplinary approach appropriate for a wide audience foot and diabetic professionals

Written for diabetes specialists, endocrinologists and diabetic nurse specialists, podiatrists and podiatry nurse specialists, Atlas of the Diabetic Foot offers the information needed to help with the prevention, diagnosis and management of the diabetic foot.

1 Introduction
2 Diabetic Neuropathy
3 Anatomic Risk Factors for Diabetic Foot Ulceration
4 Other Foot-Related Risk Factors
5 Skin and Systemic Diseases with Manifestations in the Feet
6 Neuropathic Ulcers
7 Peripheral Vascular Disease
8 Ischemic and Neuro-Ischemic Ulcers and Gangrene
9 Heel Ulcers
10 Charcot Foot
11 Infections
12 Methods of Prevention
13 Methods of Ulcer Healing
14 Amputations

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