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Combining theory and practice, this book is a comprehensive analysis of suffocation, asphyxiation, and neck pressure deaths. It includes important developments in the field such as lung histomorphology in fatal strangulation, systematic dissection of the larynx, biochemical findings, and postmortem imaging. Significant challenges arise in accurately diagnosing these deaths when compared to other forms of external violence. International experts explain the pitfalls and subtleties of identifying such cases making this an important resource for readers involved in such investigations. Tables, statistics, scientific and historical evidence throughout further validate the value of this book.

- Provides a comprehensive introduction to every major topic of asphyxia and neck pressure death
- Features more than 300 figures to aid understanding and facilitate accurate diagnosis of these death types
- Includes the important topic of postmortem radiology findings
- Navigates the reader through the potential pitfalls and misdiagnoses of asphyxia and neck pressure deaths with expert guidance

Section 1: History of Asphyxia-related Deaths and Crime Statistics.
1. History of asphyxia-related deaths. 2. Nicolae Minovici and his self-hanging experiments. 3. Crime statistics. 4. Homicide methods over time. 5. Case series on homicidal strangulation: Criminalistic and forensic pathology.
Section 2: Pathophysiology.
6. Pathophysiology.
Section 3: Investigations and Investigative Techniques.
7. Crime scene investigation. 8. Normal anatomy. 9. Pathology. 10. Autopsy of asphyxiation, suffocation, and neck pressure deaths. 11. Neuropathology. 12. Neurohistology.
Section 4: Anatomical and Other Findings.
13. Histopathology of the lung in asphyxiation, suffocation and pressure to the neck. 14. Asphyxia-triggered inflammatory reaction patterns of the lung. 15. Molecular pathology. 16. Biochemistry. 17. Intoxication as a risk factor.
Section 5: General Remarks: Accident/Suicide/Homicide.
18. Homicide. 19. Suicide. 20. Accident.
Section 6: Different Types of Asphyxiation/Suffocation/Strangulation.
21. Obstruction of the respiratory orifices, larynx, trachea and bronchia. 22. Traumatic, crush and compression asphyxia including ""Burking"". 23. Positional traumatic and restraint asphyxia. 24. Death upside down. 25. Traumatic carotid sinus reflex. 26. Bolus death. 27. Drowning. 28. Autoerotic asphyxiation. 29. Plastic bag asphyxia. 30. Death at high altitude. 31. Death at depth. 32. Excited delirium. 33. Suffocation/asphyxiation in childhood: Differential diagnosis to SIDS. 34. Masking of homicide. 35. Suffocation during/after anesthesia or due to medical malpractice. 36. Entrapment and incaprettamento. 37. Asphyxia due to metabolic poisons. 38. Survived neck compression. 39. Pitfalls and mistakes.

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