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AQUATIC DERMATOLOGY‚ Biotic‚ chemical and physical agents

AQUATIC DERMATOLOGY- Biotic- chemical and physical agents-9783319406145
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This well-illustrated quick reference book, now in its second edition, is a comprehensive guide to the aquatic skin diseases caused by biotic and non-biotic noxae. It will assist the dermatologist in recognizing and treating a host of unfamiliar conditions that are nevertheless steadily increasing in prevalence owing to wider use of the hydrosphere for holiday, sport, and occupational activities throughout the year. Beyond the thorough examination of the dermatoses caused by a wide range of organisms such as jellyfish, sea anemones, echinoderms, molluscs, algae, aquatic worms, and fish, attention is drawn to potential systemic reactions, which can be serious or even fatal. In addition, the entire spectrum of wound infections and reactions due to microscopic organisms populating the aquatic environment, e.g., mycobacteria, streptococci, Aeromonas, and vibrios, is considered. Finally, detailed attention is paid to the many other conditions linked to salt or freshwater contact, including aquagenic urticaria and pruritus, chlorine irritation, contact dermatitis from swimming or diving equipment, surfer""s nodules, and chemical conjunctivitis. Aquatic Dermatology will be a quick reference to improve knowledge of the aquatic environment and its risks, and a useful tool to clinicians and professionals practicing in coastal and marine areas.

1. Introduction
2. The Aquatic Biotic Environment and Its Biotoxins
3. Dermatitis Caused by Coelenterates
4. Dermatitis Caused by Echinoderms
5. Dermatitis Caused by Molluscs
6. Lesions Caused by Arthropods
7. Dermatitis Caused by Sponges
8. Dermatitis Caused by Algae and Bryozoans
9. Dermatitis Caused by Aquatic Worms
10. Dermatitis Caused by Fish
11. Cutaneous Infections from Aquatic Environments
12. Aquatic Animals Inducing Mechanical Injuries
13. Aquatic Skin Diseases from Chemical and Physical Causes

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