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The use of antioxidants in sports is controversial due to existing evidence that they both support and hinder athletic performance. Antioxidants in Sport Nutrition covers antioxidant use in the athlete´s basic nutrition and discusses the controversies surrounding the usefulness of antioxidant supplementation. The book also stresses how antioxidants may affect immunity, health, and exercise performance.

The book contains scientifically based chapters explaining the basic mechanisms of exercise-induced oxidative damage. Also covered are methodological approaches to assess the effectiveness of antioxidant treatment. Biomarkers are discussed as a method to estimate the bioefficacy of dietary/supplemental antioxidants in sports.

This book is useful for sport nutrition scientists, physicians, exercise physiologists, product developers, sport practitioners, coaches, top athletes, and recreational athletes. In it, they will find objective information and practical guidance.

1. Mechanisms of Oxidative Damage and Their Impact on Contracting Muscle
2. Nutritional Antioxidants: It Is Time to Categorise
3. Antioxidants in Athlete""s Basic Nutrition: Considerations towards a Guideline for the Intake of Vitamin C and Vitamin E
4. Antioxidants in Sport Nutrition: All the Same Effectiveness?
5. Well-Known Antioxidants and Newcomers in Sport Nutrition: Coenzyme Q10, Quercetin, Resveratrol, Pterostilbene, Pycnogenol and Astaxanthin
6. Polyphenols in Sport: Facts or Fads?
7. Supplemental Antioxidants and Adaptation to Physical Training
8. Green Tea Catechins and Sport Performance
9. Acute and Chronic Effects of Antioxidant Supplementation on Exercise Performance
10. Evaluation of Quercetin as a Countermeasure to Exercise-Induced Physiological Stress
11. Inflammation and Immune Function: Can Antioxidants Help the Endurance Athlete?
12. Influence of Mixed Fruit and Vegetable Concentrates on Redox Homeostasis and Immune System of Exercising People
13. Methodological Considerations When Evaluating the Effectiveness of Dietary/Supplemental Antioxidants in Sport
14. Common Questions and Tentative Answers on How to Assess Oxidative Stress after Antioxidant Supplementation and Exercise
15. Biomarkers Part I: Biomarkers to Estimate Bioefficacy of Dietary/Supplemental Antioxidants in Sport
16. Biomarkers Part II: Biomarkers to Estimate Bioefficacy of Dietary/Supplemental Antioxidants in Sport

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