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An essential guide to the theoretical and practical clinical information on different aligner techniques in orthodontics

Aligner Techniques in Orthodontics is filled with the theoretical and practical clinical information on the popular aligner techniques with a focus on Invisalign. Written by practicing orthodontists and noted experts on the topic, the book is designed to help practitioners develop their skills in using aligners in orthodontics. The authors describe in detail the clear and simple methods for treating patients using different aligner techniques, as well as material on treating any given malocclusion.

The book is filled with descriptive illustrations and includes helpful suggestions and ideas for implementing the various aligner techniques. This important guide:
- Provides theoretical and practical clinical information on different aligner techniques including Invisalign
- Offers clear and simple methods to treat patients using different aligner techniques
- Explains how to use clear aligners to treat a given malocclusion
- Written by two renowned experts in Align and Invisalign technology

Written for practicing orthodontists and general dentists, Aligner Techniques in Orthodontics provides an invaluable resource for practicing orthodontists.

0. History, current situation and future of aligners
1. Basic principles with aligners
2. Why Invisalign?
3. Patient communication skills
4. Keys for Practice Growth
5. Patient selection
6. Movement predictability with aligners
7. Types of treatments with Invisalign
8. Pillars of Invisalign technique
9. Attachments and SmartForce features
10. Clinical preferences
11. Attachments bonding & IPR
12. Digital workflow
- Records
- Creating new patient
13. ClinCheck software
- The perfect ClinCheck review in 10 steps
- Dynamic evaluation of the ClinCheck
- Staging Tab
- Simultaneous, sequential and reciprocal movements
- Communication with the technician
14. Treatment monitoring and appointments protocol
15. Troubleshooting and retention
Auxiliary techniques
Finishing techniques
16. Arch length discrepancies:
- 16. 1 Spacing
- 16.2 Crowding cases
17. Growing patients
- 17.1 First treatment
- 17.2 Teen treatment
18. Transverse discrepancies
- 18.1 Symmetric expansion
- 18.2 Asymmetric expansion
19. Sagittal discrepancies:
- Class II: Treated with MA mandibular advancement
Treated with expansion and class II elastics
Treated with sequential distalization
Treated with simultaneous distalization
Treated with top-jet
- Class III
- Maxillomandibular protrusion
20. Vertical discrepancies
- Open bite
- Deep bite
21. Asymmetries
- Growing patients with asymmetry
- Adults with asymmetry
22. Extraction cases
- Extraction of a lower incisor
- Extraction of first premolar
- Extraction of second premolar
23. Multidisciplinary cases: implants
24. Pre-restorative orthodontics

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