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Part of the Advances in Veterinary Surgery series, copublished with the ACVS Foundation and Wiley-Blackwell, Advances in Equine Laparoscopy presents a state-of-the-art reference on laparoscopic skills and procedures in the horse. Chapters are written by the leading experts in the field, and each section includes a practical review of the published literature. Encompassing instrumentation, basic principles, and specific techniques, Advances in Equine Laparoscopy offers an up-to-date, reliable resource for comprehensive information about equine laparoscopy.

This current, well-referenced text begins with a section on the fundamentals of laparoscopy, then moves into sections on the clinical application of laparoscopic techniques in the standing or recumbent horse. Advances in Equine Laparoscopy is an invaluable guide for equine surgical specialists and equine clinicians interested in laparoscopic techniques.


- Presents a state-of-the-art summary of current knowledge on using laparoscopic techniques on equine patients
- Surveys and condenses the peer-reviewed literature into a highly readable reference
- Offers a thorough, up-to-date grounding in this important technique, allowing clinicians to improve their skills and knowledge
- Written by the leading experts in the field of equine laparoscopy
- Well illustrated to improve understanding of operative procedures
- Includes access to a companion website offering 8 video clips to demonstrate selected techniques

Section I Laparoscopic Skills and Instrumentation
1. Foundations of Laparoscopy
2. Fundamental Laparoscopic Skills
3. Suturing and Knot-Tying Techniques
4. Fundamentals of Energy Sources
5. Reusable Equipment
6. Disposable Equipment

Section II Laparoscopy in the Standing Horse
7. Sedation and Analgesia in the Standing Horse
8. Diagnostic Techniques
9. Evaluation of Horses with Signs of Acute and Chronic Abdominal Pain
10. Closure of the Nephrosplenic Space
11. Adhesiolysis
12. Mesenteric Rent Repair
13. Cryptorchidectomy
14. Peritoneal Flap Hernioplasty Technique for Preventing the Recurrence of Acquired Strangulating Inguinal Herniation in the Stallion
15. Inguinal Hernioplasty Using Cyanoacrylate
16. Intersex Gonadectomy
17. Bilateral Ovariectomy in the Mare
18. Ovariectomy for the Removal of Large Pathologic Ovaries in Mares
19. Imbrication of the Mesometrium to Restore Normal, Horizontal Orientation of the Uterus in the Mare
20. Nephrectomy
21. Repair of the Ruptured Equine Bladder
22. Equine Thoracoscopy

Section III Laparoscopy in the Recumbent Horse
23. General Anesthesia in the Recumbent Horse
24. Colopexy
25. Mesh Incisional Hernioplasty
26. Cryptorchidectomy
27. Inguinal Hernioplasty
28. Inguinal Herniorrhaphy in the Foal
29. Ovariectomy in the Mare
30. Ovariohysterectomy in the Mare
31. Laparoscopic- and Endoscopic-Assisted Removal of Cystic Calculi
32. Splenectomy
33. Hand-Assisted Laparoscopy

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