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ATLAS OF DISTAL RADIUS FRACTURES (With Videos)-9781626236790
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    Del Piñal

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Written by one of the world""s foremost authorities, this beautifully illustrated surgical atlas is a case-based presentation of the management of distal radius fractures. Each chapter offers a comprehensive guide to the diagnosis and treatment of a specific fracture, including possible complications and how to prevent them, using detailed photographs and illustrations.

The cases are accompanied by high-quality operative video to complete the surgical picture. Special emphasis throughout focuses on avoiding pitfalls and using special techniques to optimize outcomes.

Key Highlights:
- Nearly 700 illustrations and intraoperative photographs guide the reader through procedures.
- Operative video for all chapters, narrated by the author, including detailed explanations and rationale for each maneuver.
- A focus on the "how" of surgical technique (rather than the "why") keeps attention on the necessary steps, tools, and procedures to address a specific type of fracture.
- Real cases, presented from beginning to end, cover all of the difficult aspects of fracture management.

Francisco del Piñal is considered to be among the world""s best hand surgeons. His contributions in arthroscopic surgery techniques for wrist fractures are endorsed and used internationally. This book, written for hand surgeons, orthopaedic surgeons, and plastic surgeons, provides essential insight to specialists and subspecialists alike.

1. Prolegomena: some initial thoughts and facts
2. Some dos and dont´s related to approach and management
3. Arthroscopy: some dos and dont´s
4. The die-punch
5. Management of an anterior sunken fragment
6. Management of small fragments
7. Volar shear fractures
8. Free osteochondral fragment
9. Rim fractures
10. Ligamentous injuries
11. Comminuted metaphyseal-diaphyseal fractures
12. Ulnar fractures
13. Management of explosion-type fractures: case one
14. Management of explosion-type fractures: case two
15. Management of explosion-type fractures: case three
16. Extra-articular distal radius fracture malunions: arthroscopic tips and tricks
17. Intra-articular malunions: basic concepts
18. Intra-articular malunions: jammed fragments in the metaphysis
19. Intra-articular malunions: complex cases
20. Intra and extra-articular malunion
21. Intra-articular malunion: a (painful) case
22. Corollary: plates are not the panacea

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